“The first impression is the last impression.” And the distribution of Invitation Cards is the first step to impress your guests. Therefore, the wedding card designs are basically the first impression of how the grand celebration is going to be. So you just don’t want to go wrong with your invitation cards. So, skip the common traditional invites and bring the much-needed limelight to your love story via different types of wedding cards.

You’re only married once, after all. So, put on the creative shoes and scroll down to see the cards:- 

1. Cartoon Design Cards

A sweet love story will call for a sweet invitation. Go to a talented card designer so that your love could be shown on your invitations. Talk to your card designer about your ideas and the color scheme for a more coherent and genuine design structure and narrative.


2. Scroll Style Invitation Card

Scroll wedding invitations are a perfect way to give your guests the first glimpse of your wedding. It makes the best wedding invitation card ideas for all those old school people. It is elegant at the same time. It looks elegant and has a special aristocratic quality. It brings alive the royal culture of invitation that is part of the age-old practices of ancient times. They caught the fantasy of event crafters and hosts trying to get different with their planning and preparation of the wedding.


3. Your Favorite Childhood Game

If you’ve got a board game that you loved as a kid, add it to your wedding card. There are wedding cards with which you can flip the invitation box to unveil the Ludo game. Most importantly, Take special care to ensure the surface of the invite can handle the heavy graphic design and other specifics about the content.


4. A Doodle Drawing

Take your love of colorful classroom doodles and imaginative sketches to the next stage by displaying the essential aspects of your love story through these creative drawings. These doodles engage and interest viewers with their smart storyboard structure.


5. Harry Potter Card Designs

This will a perfect design for you if you are a Harry Potter fan. Try this exquisite wedding invitation card design that offers you the chance to relive Harry Potter ‘s dream and render your wedding a classic. Choose bold colors for the design of your card and get attention. Try using candle wax to stick the envelope just like they did in Harry Potter so that all your guests will behave just like Daniel Radcliff’s when he opened his first letter from Hogwarts.


6. Vintage Card Designs

Vintage wedding card ideas are a simple way to play with your cards while maintaining the sleek style. This particular invitation by Kankotri was intended to portray visions of paradise on earth that transcended time with dreamy water paintings and wild bougainvillea. Wedding Invitation Card Designer Meen says, “The bride wanted to take her guests back to the vintage bougainvillea shrub garden in an Indian setting. We’ve done a lot of research in every detail the bride has specified. She needed something really mystic, serene, and romantic that the guests will enjoy as a beautiful memoir.”


7. Everything In One Box

Next on our list of quirky Indian wedding invitation ideas is the specially designed incredible concept box. This customized box can include a perfectly positioned Ganesh statue or some other statue. Along with this, you can have a number of small boxes that explain each wedding ceremony briefly. The zari work or choice of colors can make this card look more like a bride’s jewelry box, but it will surely make a great first impression on your guest list.