If you are looking for something that is unique, yet fancy for your wedding festivals then you should definitely check these major trends. You can opt for these and set your own Instagram goals. When it comes to planning a wedding event, we all need something that is different, fancy and more fun.

wedding trends


Do you have a crush on some celebrity? Why not invite them for your wedding event? Inviting some celebrity to your Sagai/Sangeet would undeniably get you the attention that you always have wondered. You can organize a personalized concert at your sangeet night.

How does this go?

Initially, you will need a mediator between you and your desired celebrity. You don’t actually nees some source to contact the celebrity manager. It can be part in two ways, either to you can directly search for the celebrity manager or you can ask your wedding planner to do so. Mostly, the wedding planners contact the Manager of the concerned celebrity. The manager will let you know the available dates and hours. According to this available schedule, your planner has to twist the event practices.

Customarily, People prefer singers for their Sangeet ceremony. These singers may ask you for their particular music-system organizer as they coordinate with their band the best. However, some people prefer inviting their favourite actors or actresses to the party. These celebrities will entertain you and your guests for a particular period of time.

Another foremost thing to mention here is that inviting celebrities to your wedding can be a two-path system. Of course, they are there to entertain you and your guest but it depends how.  You can refer them for being there at your event as a guest or a performer. That’s is completely your choice.

Are you wondering if this is a bling-bling idea for your day? Calling a celebrity can cost you variably. It depends upon the demand for that celebrity in the market and mostly, the duration you will get them to the event.

Not particularly a singer but you can opt for daily soap actors and actresses also. They can be arranged for purposes like anchoring and some themed drama for the bride and the groom.

Some people prefer linguistic singers who are not so much in fame. These not-so-fancy celebrities can make your day special and wouldn’t cost you much. Surprisingly amazing, right?

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Are you going to follow the same ancient method of inviting people to your wedding? Or are you just wondering what else could you do other than this? Taking sweets with a multi-colored envelope is a fossil. Why to go old-school when you can have spellbinding stuff for your festival of love.

  • E-Wedding Cards:

Let’s put all our heart and make a trailer for the movie of your wedding. Sounds interesting, right? Grab the extracts of your pre-wedding shoots and make th    e best out of it. Nowadays, photographers shoot the bloopers of the pre-wedding shoot. These bloopers can be turned into something that is real fun. Think of inviting people while spreading smiles and behind the curiosity of attending the event.

The video invitation cards are the new viral sensation of this wedding season. Also, it can save you time and money both.

  • Musical Cards:

Our developing country is getting something new and interesting every day. Guess what can be more exciting than a musical card. Imagine opening a physical card that plays music when light falls on it. Dreamy, right? It is possible when you have vendors with great collection. Moreover, you can have the music according to your choice. Got a cocktail party invitation? Get a party song in the background. And choose Din-Shagna-Da for your big day.

  • Frame Cards:

This golden occasion needs a silver invitation. Getting your invitation embedded in silver frames with bride and groom’s picture is not so common but fancy. This lesser known idea is now provided by certain jewellers in the market.

  • Carved Stone invitations:

If you are someone who loves the variety that Indian culture comes with then this is definitely something for you. Strong ethnic stones can be definitely used to crave your wedding invitations.

  • Silver foil Carving:

If you don’t want to get stones carved invitations then you can go for light silver foils that will cost you a little more than stone carving but less than a silver framed invitation.

  • Messenger Cards:

Let’s go a little ancient but in style! Like the ancient royal family invitations get your invitation message impression on beautiful satin cloth. Get some sweets in the box along with message and set your own statement style.

  • Sapling Invitation:

For your special day, do something special for the mother Earth. Send your guests a plant sapling as a mark for your special day. Imagine, a lovely plant in your guest’s garden will definitely make your wedding date remarkable. Put the sapling in a box with an invitation note and breathe the oxygen full of relaxation, freely. Also, this Virushka (Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma)  inspired invitation is something to melt for.

If you’re pleased to know more about the invitation cards and the vendors for it, check this out.


Red becoming the new black for this wedding season, we need to heed on the jewellery that coordinates the best with it. Since, the brides of 2019 are mad over these famous red lehengas. Choosing Kundan will surely make you stand out in the crowd. However, choosing jewellery for your wedding dress is tricky job.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can consider while coordinating your jewellery with the wedding dress.

  • Proportionate inversely:

If you are wearing dress with heavy work, always go with simple, yet elegant jewellery pieces. Similarly, if you’re wearing a pretty dress with light work then you should for always go for heavy jewellery pieces. By doing this, your each and every piece will show out amazingly.

Also, this proportionate rules go for your jewellery pieces when categorised in parts. Don’t be in a dilemma. It is just a five-finger exercise. You simply need to apply the same rule. If you are going heavy with the jewellery near your face, then lack a little with your neck-piece.

Some brides prefer going heavy with their necklets. For this we can part it in two ways. Either going totally light with the facial jewellery or putting the earrings lighter and the matha-patti comparatively heavier.

  • Choose Contrast:

With the following trend of Red and maroon lehenga, brides generally prefer elementary gold jewellery. But electing kundan or completely contrasting green jewellery will make your photo shoots a little more glamorous.

There are brides who prefer differently coloured Chenille fabric lehengas. Most chenille lehengas loads of embroidery going all over. These can either be coordinated with the light gold jewellery pieces. Somehow, these Chenille lehengas look so elegant with diamonds.

Looking around the trend of #Sonamkishaadi, we see the pattern of pastels. Pastel colored dresses can be mixed and matched with every kind of jewellery.

This can be made easy by electing the least present colour in the dress as the main colour for your jewellery.

Go for those lovely stone patterned jewellery.

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  • Maharani Haars:

Weren’t all of us had our mouth left open after seeing Deepika Padukone in Padmavat? We all did, right? Such pretty looks with those statement jewellery pieces were making her look beyond imagination. These Maharani-Haars followed by Chokers will give you that remarkable look on your wedding day.

Are you worried about their prices? You don’t need to! These jewellery pieces are also available on rent in considerable jewellery shops that too on prices that will make you smile a little more.

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Since, you are the goddess of your wedding festival. You have to look divergent and polished.

So the first question that comes to our mind is how to choose the right trendy dress. Here is your tip-off that you were  looking for.

  1. Search for something that is unique. You definitely not need to hop every bridal stuff showroom. Just do some fusion with your gear and you are done.
  2. Nothing goes out of fashion until you bring the creative side of yours out. If you are interested to know more about it, you should check this beyond any doubt.
  3. Gone are the days when ruffles gave the doll look. Bringing back the ruffles in your wardrobe will make you look like royal diva. Hence, you’re solitary for your big day. Wondering how? Here is your answer.

Additional Services

Have you ever wondered that how tiring it becomes to attend the guests at the wedding? Also, the family is almost about to sleep during the customs after Jaimala. So, to save you from this never heard before problem, we got something for you.

  1. Why not add a little more to the menu and the services at the banquet? Not only coffee but get some fresh flavored lukewarm water too. Green tea will let your family to be a little more cheerful during the Phehra ceremony. Also, some ginger water would do wonders in the night after the wedding dinner.

2. Also, the tired feet need some rest and massages. After the hours of dancing in the Baraat and arranging the perfect stuff for the baraat, your family and in-laws definitely need some foot massage. Get some masseuse and masseur for your after party and enjoy the after-wedding customs and rituals freely with full energy.

Never let the diva inside you to settle. At least not when it’s your wedding festival.