It is obviously not every day that you and your friends plan a bachelor’s or bachelorette party! So when the time comes and you do have to plan it, why not go all out! Create an experience that will be remembered and treasured always. After all, it is your wedding soon and there needs to be a grand celebration before. At the start, it might not be very easy to choose and pick a place. Therefore, here is a curated list that would help you get inspired! 

A little inspiration goes a long way. Hence, here are a few bachelor’s party ideas for both the groom and the bride!

There are daunting and also creative ideas to help you celebrate, aside from the standard parties people usually follow.


There is absolutely nothing like the exhilarating rush of freefall! This trip is surely the one you will never forget. It is pure joy (unless you are afraid of heights) to skydive. Moreover, doing it with your closest friends is the cherry on top! There are various institutes all over the world that provide this, especially with group discounts as well. For instance, Chicagoland Skydiving Centre provides a 4 or 6 person party discount with certain added benefits as well! Be sure to check such places out if you’re in for this one!

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If your wedding is during chilly times, this is one of the most fun ways for your party! You will find ample of places that will provide with skiing facilities at an affordable rate. As this requires lodging and certain special warm clothes as well, make sure your mates are prepared! Keep in mind to select an appropriate location as it lays the ground for travel and other technicalities. 

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If you are looking for a crazy adrenaline thing to do for your party, paintball fights with your friends is a perfect way to go! This could be easily available in your localities. Moreover, it would be extremely affordable, therefore, pocket friendly. Paintball is a great way to celebrate the bash with your buddies! 

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Hiking/ Camping

Another way to have an adventurous party is to go on a backpacking/ camping trip. Each moment here will be spent on helping each other and taking care of each other. Seeing the sunrise and sunsets along with beautiful and serene views. This trip will surely bring you all close and strengthen your bonds! Some adventure companies also offer services like fishing, canoeing, etc. So, if you’re planning an outdoor trip, amidst nature, hiking/ camping would be the perfect activity to do!

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A lot of people are interested in sports activities. Hence, planning a trip with your best mates playing your favorite sport would be the best way to go about it! You may also book a turf or ground for a day and play various sports on it. It is quite trendy and affordable. It will also save you the hassle of traveling!

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Road Trips

Road trips are the best, especially when you’re with a solid group of friends. Hire a camper van, stop at places, take pictures, plan it out for a few days. A travel destination can be chosen with a lot of stops in the middle to ensure that you enjoy the journey. There are plenty of affordable establishments for food, water, and shelter on the way to keep your energized. Moreover, portable necessities can be carried in the car. 

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Driving around with friends on a road trip would be an awesome activity to do for your party!