Your wedding blouse design is something you give so much time speculating about. It is something that gives your lehenga the ‘look’. Thus, you want it to be nothing but perfect. You run from one tailor to another, from one boutique to another, looking for that perfect design that will make your lehenga stand out.

So, we bring to you some wedding blouse designs that will not only make your wedding lehenga stand out but will make you look super-hot!

  • The Waistcoat Styled Blouses

They not only give your lehenga a formal look but also look super chic. It will look super elegant if you choose the color of the blouse a lighter one like beige, gold, or white.

  • Heavy Color Pop Embroidery

Such blouses are the perfect choice for your wedding day. With these, if you plan to ditch on the jewelry, it will still work. You’ll look sexy without being scandalous. You can get heavy embroidery on your lehenga as well so that it matches with your blouse.

  • Zardozi Embroidery

Nothing looks more elite than the Zardozi embroidery. No matter what design you take, just add some Zardozi embroidery to it and voila, servings of sequins, Resham, gold, and silver threads, make it precious to the point of breath-taking perfection.

  • The O-Shaped Backless Blouse

Backless blouses have been in fashion ever since Aishwarya Rai danced to Kajra Re. No matter if it’s with the saree or lehenga, almost ever bride gets a picture clicked showing off her blouse’s back design. Think out of the box with the back design and get it cut in an O-shape.

  • The Deep Neck Blouses

If you wish to have a deep neck, make sure that it’s elegantly done. It should also go with the overall blouse design as well.

  • Tasseled Sleeves

Almost every blouse design has tassels at the back. Think out of the box and get tassels on your sleeves. Tassels always make your blouse look prettier but when they will be on the sleeves, they will look super beautiful. They’re basic and something which you can never go wrong with.

  • Pompom Love

Fill your blouse with all those colorful pompoms and see how vibrant you’ll look. You can also add pompom tassels.

To have a wedding which you can never forget, you’ll have to be creative with everything, including your wedding blouse design. So go ahead and start designing! You can also check out the must-have wedding photographs for your wedding album by clicking here.