Different Color Blouses On A Yellow Saree

Gone are those days when a saree comes with the same color blouse with the same designs and patterns. It isn’t so simple now, is it? The mix and match now come from the makers of the saree themselves. Pinterest, Instagram, and numerous young fashion bloggers have widened our sense of colors. Out of all the colors out there, we will show you how you can try 10 different color blouses on a yellow saree. There is nothing new in how we play with our clothes every day to try out new combinations. Whether it is jeans-top, skirt-shirt, shorts, dresses whatever it is, we always try to bring out something different and fresh in our choices of clothes. Similarly, we’ve evolved to try out new blouses with different sarees. I’m sure you’ve heard of quirky crop tops that go well with sarees now. ‘Change’ is in the air’.

We found out color Yellow is the most sporty color of all.

Yellow never shies away from getting paired with different colors. Yellow Saree is what today we’ll pair with 10 different colored blouses. So you too can see how well it gets along with all those contrasting colors and patterns.

Pink Is Yellow’s Favorite

Yellow always compliments the color pink. It is like they are a combination made all the way by God. Its a delight to look at balances each other out, and you can spot it anywhere.

Pink floral blouse which looks more like a body fit crop top looks beautiful together. Plain yellow saree with very little embroidery with a full embroidered floral pink blouse. The whole look is very contemporary and funky.

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A simpler form of yellow cotton/khadi saree with high neck pink blouse with heavy thread work on the sleeves and around the neck. It looks sophisticated and minimalistic. Addition of statement earrings, hair in a bun and gajra improves the whole outlook.

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This blouse is a bit traditional with its gottapatti and mirror work with a tinge of orange color. (Clever!) And the yellow is brighter than most yellows which are glowing out more with the shiny work on the blouse.


Let’s See How Close Black Gets

Kajol in a saree is the epitome of Desi Indian woman. Yellow Silk saree with a black silk blouse, as ravishing as she can make a saree look, Kajol has certainly made it clear that Black does go well with Yellow after all. Oh, those smokey eyes.

Young black crop top blouse with floral patterns on a plain bright yellow saree.


Metallic Green

Bollywood actress Aditi Rao Hyadri in Yellow RawMango saree. It is actually her blouse that catches my eye and those dangling chandbalis. 

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Bollywood ‘Queen’ wears subtle yellow silk saree with a metallic green blouse.


When Yellow Sings The Blues

That’s a nice blue with Yellow. It is not the mainstream blue so you can be sure of uniqueness.

This is classic blue blouse with lots of intricate work that gives out a heavy traditional look to the whole outfit.


Purple Blouse on Yellow Saree

Radhika Apte, stunning as always in her simplicity and poise. Killing it with the purple blouse.


Red That Never Goes Wrong

Red looks amazing as well. What is it with Yellow? Goes with all kinds of colors.

Red and Yellow sure make a good pair. Reminds me of the mythologies we saw growing up.


What About White?

White looks absolutely refreshing with yellow. This summer season, you know this is your combo.


Golden Blouse (I can already imagine how pretty it’d look)

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Gold is old but Old is gold. (You see what I did there!) It’s true.


Silver Linings On A Yellow Saree

Doesn’t it look perfect for a Cocktail Party?


Basic Green

Basic green blouse with yellow saree gives an essence of earthiness and cultural refinement.

If there’s one saree color you can be sure of experimenting with, it sure is Yellow. You have 10 different color blouses you can try on a yellow saree. Yellow has a lot in store for us to offer. You just saw the proof.