Buns will forever be engraved as an elegant hairstyle; its vintage and priceless look steals the show and puts together wonderfully with the whole attire. We ask you not to fret about your wedding day hairstyle as we present to you our list of different types of buns to rock at your wedding or any other occasion:

Different Types Of Buns To Rock At Your Wedding

1) Roses in a messy bun

For destination or outdoor weddings, this look is majorly recommended. Its boho nature gives rise to a lovely touch to your outfit and an easy breezy technique takes no expert to do it.

types of buns

2) Mixed braid bun with a twist

A lovely mixed braid bun would be best recommended for our long haired beauties. To give it more of a spark, you can use jewelled hairclips or even hair bands. This look is recommended for the wedding reception, simply because of its elegance.

types of buns

3) Top braided bun

Now this is a gorgeous look and is guaranteed to make you look more ravishing. A basic top bun with a braided crown all around it looks too chic and you nail it yourself with a little practice. You can replace the braided crown with flowers and it would look just as beautiful.

types of buns

4) Puff-high-low-bun

A puff stowed on the centre with a high low bun accompanied with loose wavy strands of hair is another chic way to rock at your wedding. Even this calls for no professional help and you can save some bucks by doing it on your own.

types of buns

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5) Messy yet Royal

Another literally gorgeous bun is this piece of art. You’re sure to nail the wedding look if you choose to go with this wavy charmer. Smoky eye would add to the beauty of this look.

types of buns

6) All messy and wild

Stick to your free spirited fashion style by going with this casual yet trendy look. It’s not necessary for bridal hair to be overdone and super polished.

types of buns

7) Vintage side bun

This vintage side bun would look mesmerizing even on short hair beauties. A little detailing on the sides followed by the bun to keep hair back at all times would be so helpful during all the wedding chaos as you won’t be distracted by your hair at all.

types of buns

8) Classic gajra

Stick to your Indian roots and go with this classic bun hairstyle; it never fails to make you look out of the world and keeps in making with your outfit.

types of buns

9) Fancy side bun

Another fancy side bun with a little more detailing: puff on the back and hair tuck to the side in the front with gorgeous wavy strands going loose in the sides would look perfect on the wedding day. You can always add flowers to make things lovelier.

types of buns

10) Low bun and flicks

This is an adorable hairstyle and is thee easiest one too. Make a basic low bun and give it structure by adding a little puff and flicks on the front.

types of buns

We hope this list of different types of buns helped you in finding your hairstyle for the big day even in the slightest way possible. Which one’s your favourite?

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