Wedding for every girl is a dream and to fulfil Image source hey do everything which they can do. The best part and the most attractive thing about a wedding is a bride strolling out in her stunning bridal lehenga.

Now, the lehenga comes with heavy embroidery work with different colours and mostly the norms of red bridal lehenga is changing. The time has come where bridal lehenga is available in different colours, textures and especially designs.

Nowadays deciding a bridal lehenga has become a very different task as there are numerous design and colours available at the store and also many people want to get a designer lehenga instead of buying it readymade.

Textures of orange: Orange is the new colour for bride’s there are lots of Designs available in orange and looks beautiful. Though orange is a very vibrant colour the colour depicts happiness and so it has become the fondest colour for bridal lehenga during the time. Lehenga in orange have got lots of variety as such Orange wedding lehenga with golden embroidery – this Lehenga looks a classy and modern also the combination of Orange with golden brings royal touch in it.


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Royal red: Although many say that red has become clichéd but the fact is no matter what the changes come but red is colour which will never get old and red is considered as a royal Colour thus it enhances ba brides beauty moreover give a royal feeling. Red is a colour which has a great combination and also every different colour gets compiled with it easily. Although being the traditional red colour never gets old.

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Princess pink/ peach: Pink has become a very popular colour in the following years because it gives a princess look and also you can get it quite easily. Pink colour lehenga makes everyone look more vibrant being light in colour it gets carried away with a lot other bright colours but the only thing which brings you towards pink is its beauty. U wound have seen Anuska Sharma who worked a pink lehenga on her wedding that just have a princess vibe.

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Ivory the latest trend: The newly found trend is ivory or off-white. This is being a new trend of off-white lehenga which is seen rarely as white is colour which is less picked. If you would have seen the latest biggest royal wedding of India that of Ambani’s Isha Ambani wore of ivory coloured Lehenga making it look royal and also it has become the new royal Colour for everyone. The colour is so simple and yet elegant and is the most common colour you can match your Lehenga with other colours as well.

Not only these but there also lots of colours that are trending like silver, black, brown and many more. Also, we usually get confused over which Lehenga to pick for the wedding having lots of variety it becomes quite a difficult task to choose one in between the other pretty colours.