It is the time of the year when you have completed your one year as a couple and yet everything feels so fresh and new. Gifting can be difficult especially after your wedding and when it’s your first year wedding anniversary. 

Wedamor brings you some unique ideas for gifting on the first wedding anniversary – a guide for both the bride and groom. Here, we look into some different and unique gift ideas for your husband on your first wedding anniversary- wife’s guide.


Piece Of Art



If you’re also celebrating your very first year of living together, a piece of art is a great way to add a custom touch to your new home. Well, if you are an artist, what better way to create something handmade. It will be the most special and memorable gift for your hubby and house or else there are great artists available out there, go and support them by buying these. 

Vintage Travel Map



This is especially for all the travel enthusiasts husbands. Brides could think of gifting a nice vintage travel map or globe and then you could mark the place where you met, where you went for honeymoon and places that you would want to travel next together. Place this in your room as background and secretly keep reminding your husband for the next trip! 😉

Bar Set



You have hit the anniversary gifts jackpot for your husband when you think of adding a new piece in his bar arrangement. Nice wine glasses, fancy bottle opener, strainer, shaker, or a small kit of everything are some options of gifting under this category. We are sure after this he shall make you variety of cocktails and both of you can enjoy a nice Sunday evening.

Bluetooth Speaker



Who doesn’t like hearing songs on full volume and bringing that club vibes at home?

Boys surely enjoy this. Bluetooth speaker is the best option for gifting your husband where you both can enjoy romantic music at the end of the day after returning from work. 

Video Game Set



We know this sounds kiddish but be it any age boys never say never for playing a video game. Everyone unwinds in different ways. If your groom likes to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice game on big screen either it is PlayStation or Xbox or V then this is the perfect option for all the wives out there. We are sure after this gift he will keep on surprising you with small gifts every day. 

Choose which gift will be loved the most by your husband from these five unique gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary.