A wedding celebration is a one-time thing. You fall in love once and you get married once. And from the moment you start planning your wedding you want it to be unique and perfect. But along with that, naturally, you would want your wedding highlight video or teaser to be out of the box. And the choice of song or songs can make a huge difference. Therefore, we have a list of a few unique songs which you can use in your wedding video:


The ‘Wedding Filmer’ composed this wonderful song for ‘THE VIRUSHKA WEDDING’. Peer vi tu is a representation of love through Sufi music. It is written by Sonal Wadhwa and composed by Amar Khandha. The beautiful song is sung by Harshdeep Kaur. It awakens the feeling of love in the most beautiful way. The words touch the heart at all the levels possible.

“रूह वि तेरी, मै वि तेरा, रब्बा,दिलन विच तेरा ही बसेरा |”



Chaap Tilak is a Sufi ghazal written and composed by Amir Khusro in the 14th-century. The song has been sung by many great singers and musicians over the years like Ustad Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan and Harshdeep Kaur. The lyrics are pure love and state that the bride has taken the look, the identity, and everything of the groom just by looking into his eyes. The song shows devotion which the couple has for each other.

“छाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके |”



The song is composed by Kailash Kher. The Sufi track symbolizes the wait and delightment of the bride and depicts her happiness. The song portrays her excitement of the bride to see her groom. It personifies the new beginning in the most beautiful way possible. 

“रंगो से रंग मिले, नए नए ढंग खिले, ख़ुशी आज द्वारे मेरे डाले है डेरा |”



It is originally written by Zehra Nigah, Aaja moray saiyaan is recreated by Coke Studio Season 9. The words flow around love in its forms and perfectly portrays the classic romance. The song symbolizes the season for lovers to unite and the season for flowers to bloom. The song celebrates the love and togetherness of the couple. And to bless them mother nature smiles, the moon peeps behind the clouds, the cuckoo sings, the trees sway. And everything to celebrate love.

 “ये मौसम मिल्ने का है, फूलन के खिलने का है, आ जा रे और सयान, आ जा रे और रसिया |”



This is one of the melodious songs from the album “Izafa.” It is sung by the band The Yellow Diary. Rajan Batra is the lead singer and songwriter. The backing vocals are given by Himonshu Parikh. The song symbolizes the extreme beauty of the girl. There is no one more beautiful than her. The song says that she is so beautiful that the groom’s eyes only want to see her. It also shows the complete devotion of the guy towards the girl. 

 “दिल करदा मै ते नु वीकी जवान, नाइ तेरा जोया होर दिसदा |”



The beautiful melody is written by Jawahar Wattal and Vikki Nagar for “THE WEDDING STORY.” It is used to tell the beautiful story of the celebrity couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya. The song simply says that love is the purest of everything, love is the home, and love is having found your beloved. 

 “मेरा आशियाना है इश्क में, उस पाख इश्क में है, रंग दे रंग दे, मेरे मेहरमा मुजे रंग दे |”



Sita Kalyanam Tamil Video Song from the movie Solo. It is composed by Sooraj S Kurup and written and directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The song starts with describing the grand Ram Sita wedding. It then depicts the love that two people share. The lyrics portray that your wedding is real and not a dream.

“सीता कल्याण ।। विभोगमे ।। राम कल्याण ।। विभोग ।।”



This is the most famous Tamil wedding song from the movie “ 2 States”. The song celebrates the two souls coming together, the tales the heart says. It symbolizes the union of families and the big dream finally coming true in the most beautiful way possible. 

  “उल्लाम पदम पायल, न्यूम कढायै सो कढल, चेना असै पेरियोसै इसैयेव मरुम |”