As the wedding season arrives, there is a new vibe of fun and cheer all around. Everybody wants to take time off from their monotonous life and live some precious and memorable moments. They want to enjoy the wedding of their loved ones fully. With the expectation of having lots of fun, getting together, there is the excitement of celebrations, trying new looks and experimenting with your style. One very important ritual among others at most weddings is the ritual of gifts. There are gifts given to all the guests as a token of good luck to receive their blessings for the couple. It is also a way of expressing your gratitude to them for taking time out to attend your ceremonies.


Wedding gifts given to guests have great importance in most cultures. Ranging from western weddings which include the culture of wedding favors, Indian weddings have them too. At Indian weddings, all the guests along with relatives and close friends are given a token of love, and thank you. This could be anything ranging from sweets, clothes, jewelry items, and gold or silver products like coins, glasses, god ideals, etc.

As people constantly develop and the wedding becomes more than just an event, gifts have gone through a transformation too. Guests also expect something unique and beautiful as a memory to take away from the wedding. Few unique Indian wedding gifting ideas that your guests will love are:

Unique Indian Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

Decorated Wedding Favors


There are so many ways to have edible wedding favors like chocolates, cookies, donuts, macrons, dry fruits in a unique presentable style. From wrapping these in small potli bags to small handmade boxes with ribbons, from test tubes with a cork to little baskets covered with transparent paper, these wedding favors can never go out of style.

Seeds or Vases

When you want to play around flowers, choosing beautiful small baskets or bags with a packet of seeds is a perfect idea. You have an option to choose seed for any plant that gives flowers or is a symbol of health, wealth, or happiness.

Customized vases with or without a bunch of flowers is also a good item to keep as a souvenir from your wedding. It is a way of creating memory by gifting something useful.

Customized Mugs or Glasses

Mugs and glasses can be customized uniquely with your initials, your wedding date, or just a picture on top to keep as a memory and use forever. It is a unique gift that will help your guests to remember your big day and your love whenever they use the mug or glass.

Candle or Incense


Candles or incense bundles are a sign of good luck and happiness. They are again a useful and unique gift for your guests that will help to bring positivity in their life.

Flower Play

Along with seeds or vases, if flowers are something you want to gift, you can just play around a bit. Like gift flowers that have a special significance. They can also be packed in a style that coordinates with your wedding theme.

Magic Jars

Small jars, made in a color that goes with your theme and personality containing snacks, tea bags, love quotes, etc. can add magic and exclusivity to your gift.

Music Jam

Music is a great way to bring life to any event. So, making a playlist of the legendary songs, including a few of your memories and burning in on a CD to gift each guest is something that will make them smile every time they listen to it.

Keep the Tradition


Traditionally handcrafted dupattas, jewelry sets, purses that match your wedding theme can be gifted. Small handmade souvenirs like  bangles or rings, handcrafted boxes etc. can be perfect traditional gifts.

Key Chains or Hangings

Key chains or hangings with your illustrated cartoon as a couple or just a wedding or love quote can also be a memorable gift for the guests.

A Wedding Calendar

A calendar showcasing your love, story, and learnings that lead you to tie this bond can be a beautiful gift. Furthermore, it can help to inspire others along with being a gift that touches everyone’s heart.

These are a few unique Indian wedding gifting ideas that your guests will love. These can be included along with clothes and sweets to make your wedding interesting and memorable for everyone who attends.