The term “Mangalsutra” comes from joining two words, “Mangal + Sutra” meaning an “auspicious thread.” It is of a greater significance for married women because it is symbolic of marital status. Usually, a mangalsutra is made up by stringing nine black beads and nine gold beads. It is an ornament which the groom puts around the bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony. Besides, its traditional significance, Mangalsutra for new age brides is also like a statement piece of jewellery. Take a look at these unique mangalsutra designs-every bride must take inspiration. 

Personalized Design



Personalization/Customization has taken over weddings and how! For a mangalsutra, a personalized design could be the one which features your spouse’s and your name. Or it just your spouse name. 

Floral Design



How about a mangalsutra with nice intricate floral design to it? Because you can never go wrong with florals. Floral patterns/designs remain timeless.

 Zodiac Design


We know what this design reminds you of? Yes, you are right! How could we not take major inspiration from Sonam Kapoor’s mangalsutra which is worth gushing over. Her mangalsutra had the symbols of both of her and Anand Ahuja’s zodiac sign complimented with a solitaire in the center.

Tassel Design


After floral designs, tassels have to be the next new thing in today’s wedding industry. A beautiful gold tassel, extremely voguish mangalsutra design is this one. 

Bracelet Design



Ditching the neck piece mangalsutra, bracelet mangalsutra are the most unique way of sporting this jewellery. A modern way, which makes it easier for women to wear it on western outfits too. 

New+Traditional Design


A super unique design is this one where one side of this mangalsutra is beaded with basic black beads whereas the other half is a gold chain. Super elegant and yet so casual.

Pearl Design



It is not common to find pearls in a mangalsutra design, but when we talk about unique designs this has to be a part. Pearls make the entire mangalsutra look so elegant. Don’t miss out on this design.

Temple-Jewellery Design


Draw inspiration from temple jewellery for designing your mangalsutra. Apart from being visually appealing, this mangalsutra is also symbolic of prosperity.

Pick the best one from these unique designs- we want every bride to take inspiration from these.