The dazzling dress, the vibrant aura, the mesmerizing decor and the happy get together is what makes a perfect wedding. With all your loved ones around you, you want to live every moment like the most special one. There are so many emotions, from the happiness and excitement of celebrations to the nervousness and curiosity of a new phase, a new partner and a new family. There are more responsibilities along with other changes that give your life a new perspective and twist.

But every bride and groom wants to make all their celebrations unique and memorable before they move forth to shoulder the responsibilities. This demands a lot of time, effort, and money, invested by both of them along with their family and friends. These days wedding planners can help to make wedding management seem simpler with a fantastic result. All you have to do is be clear of what you want and how you want it. One very essential element of every wedding is the outfit of the bride and the groom. Considering what the bride has to arrange with a long list of add-ons like accessories and jewelry, taking more than usual to choose and style is mandatory.

One very important piece from the whole jewelry set is Mathapatti, shining with its exclusive design and color additions. Varying from floral ones to the authentic gold and diamond to the artificial ones complimenting your getup, there are lots to choose from unique mathapatti designs that every bride should consider to complete their wedding look.

Unique Bridal Mathapatti Designs



Styling Change

Full cover

You can get beautiful mathapattis that cover the full head as a whole or with different layers.


These days one-sided mathapattis are in trend. They help to give one side of your head a heavier and more traditional look.



Layers of different styles are really in fashion. They can be played with their sizes, thickness, bells on them, and other small designs hanging on.


Tiaras are a way for giving you a fairy tale look. And what could be better than a mathapatti that serves as your bridal tiara?


You can choose your hairstyle with a band that not only makes it look heavier but also gives a unique look. Mathapattis like headbands can do the task.

Traditional Design

Traditional designs can include the ones having a circular ball like Rajasthani style or ones with gota-patti and bandhani cloth work.

Play with Material

You can use different materials for your mathapatti for a different look like the crystals, diamonds, pearls give the elegant look, gold and flowers go back to the traditional style.

  • Crystals
  • Diamond or Gold
  • Kundan
  • Pearls
  • Flowers


  • Ruby

Chaand Bali or Tear Drop


Playing with the front part like having a moon-like structure or a teardrop shape can also change the look in many ways.

Heavy work or Simple Work


Work on the mathapatti, starting from the color to the elaborate pieces of pearl or Kundan, you can choose the one that best suits your look.


There are combinations available to play with. May it be a combination of different materials like gold and Kundan work or just a mathapatti with an extra mangtikka on top; you get to decide what looks the best.

Color Add-on

Colors can add life. Just picking the right ones might help to turn up the whole look.

These are a few unique mathapatti designs that every bride should consider to complete their wedding look. With a small change in your mathapatti design, playing with layers or color, or just adding certain extras, your whole look can turn from normal to a statement that is remembered for years. So, go ahead and find your perfect piece!