An Indian wedding is incomplete without Mehendi donning the hands of the brides and bridesmaids. There are many designs available for Mehendi that you can put. Mostly it depends on how to want your Mehendi to look, the design is usually the same but what makes it different is its beauty.

The different style of Mehendi is –

  • Arabic Mehendi design: The most common Mehendi designs are Arabic as its quite easy and is less time taking. The best part of this Mehendi is that you will get lost of design in this type of Mehendi and being the most common art it is very easy to make and is less time taking. For those who don’t like to put Mehendi or either want to get rid of Mehendi soon can go for this Mehendi design and also you will get lots of design, also this design looks more elegant.

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  • Indian Arabic mehndi designs: This Mehendi design is also a form of Arabic Mehendi but with an Indian touch as in Arabic mehndi there are empty spaces in our hand but in Indian Arabic Mehendi there are no empty spaces, it is mostly very popular nowadays as it includes lots of floral design which adds more beauty to your hands.

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  • Indian Mehendi designs: This is the most common bridal mehndi which is quite different. This design is incomparable as it depicts the beauty of Indian and this design are made only on special occasions like karwa Chauth, bridal. The best of this design is the art in the Mehendi like Kalash, sun, bride and groom etc. Like it’s said Nothing can take the place of the original form and Indian Mehendi designs being the oldest form of Mehendi has its own charm which cannot be replaced.

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Indo western Mehendi designs: This can also be called tattoo designs because it looks more or less like a tattoo. This design is undoubtedly becoming popular because of its western touch. It just enhances your style statement. This design is quite popular among the youth.

  • Moroccan mehndi designs: Another western form of design which is popular among the youth. Nowadays anyone wants a simple design which takes less time and easier to make. It is another type of tattoo Mehendi. It’s quite easy and everyone can also make.

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The thing is that today no one has got time to sit for one hour and put Mehendi on their hands so everyone goes for simple and easy design such as Arabic, Moroccan or indo-western Mehendi designs and also a reason is that they are quite easy and anyone could make it without any helper and that is what makes the western style more popular than Indian style.

The best part of western Mehendi designs is that you can add any new art in the design as your creativity and that will make it a unique design. Most commonly made or used Mehendi designs is Arabic. Also Arabic is a design which is though being simple but enhances the touch of royal.

All the mehndi designs have its own beauty and mostly every person has there own choice of design some like simple Arabic, so some like western.