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Unique Nose Ring Designs for the Modern Indian Brides

Weddings are the biggest celebration of love and family with being an essential part of our culture. No matter which country or culture you belong to, traditions are a way to come together, enjoy precious family time and be grateful for it.

So when we talk about Indian weddings, these traditions are the essence of all the ceremonies. From the rituals in all the pre-wedding and post-wedding functions, including the main wedding day, culture plays a big part in everything else too. The clothes and jewelry worn by the bride and groom, the decorations and style of celebrating the new beginnings, all go by what your beliefs are. Coming back to one of the most important parts of the ceremonies, the clothes and jewelry, modern concepts have had a massive influence. Trying the out-of-the-box fusion pieces is what every modern-day bride looks out for. Hence, starting with bridal jewelry, we cannot forget the modern styling with traditional tangents in the right balance.


No matter whether it is a family necklace passed through generations or the other pieces of jewelry, a tint of experiment is what every bride needs these days. So here we have come up with some interesting, modern ideas to style you up. Starting with a beautiful ornament here are some unique nose ring designs for modern Indian brides.

Unique and Modern Bridal Nose Rings

Studding It Up

Let it all shine and glow as you move towards the new journey of your life. The beautiful and intricate shiny beads, glowing silver and golden never fails to impress. For a bride it gives the right amount of heaviness to her look and makeup, making her stand out from the crowd.

The Pretty Pearl

If you want to be elegant, with heavy work, pearls are your right choice. There are so many options available, from the ones that let you shine like a pearly princess to the pearls hanging all-around in design.

Simple and Sober

Some brides are all about simplicity. They want to keep it as sober and graceful as possible. So one item to pass this look can be a simple, single-stud or pearl nose ring, with minimal design.


Forever Vintage

And then comes the exactly opposite brides. The more traditional, lovers of vintage. Nose rings can be their go-to, to showcase how much they love the cultured-up look. The heavy, carved with vintage designs, studded to build up the whole look, can be perfect for them.

Supporting Well


Then comes the not so heavy in design but heavy in look rings. These are with a beautiful chain to get attached to your earring or hairpin.

The Wedding Bells

These can become symbolic of your happiness, with beautiful pearls, beads, bells hanging all around the ring. They give a quirky and pretty bridal look.

The Minimalist Bride


You might want to keep it minimal, like we said just one pearl or bead ring, it can also be a traditional nose ring. The small Maharashtrian ones or just a plain gold or silver ring with the attachment would be perfect for a minimal, traditional look. It can also be a pretty and small stud-like an earring.

The Heavy Asset

The heavy assets can include the pure gold or diamond nose rings or the ones with a big portion of carved beadwork From the heavy inner work to long bead latkans, it can be full of colorful stones too.



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