Weddings in India are surely a big affair. These days people opt for unique wedding themes to make the wedding ceremony even more special and memorable. There are so many themes to opt from. The theme should reflect your personality. Keep your decor, food, seating arrangements everything according to your theme.

Wedding themes are a new trend nowadays..

There are so many wedding themes. You can choose any one from them. Here we have listed down some of the best themes that your guests are gonna talk about for a long time.

1) Vintage wedding theme

“Old is gold” we all have heard this phrase and some of us strongly support this. The strong believers can go for an all vintage wedding theme. This is surely one of the most unique wedding themes. You can go for the historical Mughal theme or the Victorian era. Vintage wedding theme is very popular these days and youngsters are quite crazy about it. A royal Mughal wedding will take you to the ancient Indian history, the vintage English theme will make for an amazing vintage themed Indian wedding and will capture all the hearts. Choose wisely which one will suit your wedding the best.

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2) Fusion wedding theme

As awesome as it sounds! If you are confused between Indian and English themes, why not choose both? You could go for a fusion of both Indian and English. It is mostly popular where the bride and groom belong to different cultures. The cuisine, music, dress code and decor combining the best of both worlds. Fusion weddings are so much fun and loved by the people. Some of common fusion themes are Indian-English, Indo-Thailand, Punjabi-Rajasthani, etc.

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3) Indoor garden or Indoor forest theme

If you are a nature lover and love the plants, show it in your wedding. You can opt for an all-green wedding theme. This is surely one of the coolest wedding themes. Cover the entrance and walls with exotic, green plants and flowers, trees with beautiful hanging lanterns, candles with the green essence and shiny chandeliers make it look like a dream come true. Decorate your dining area and cocktail bar with a perfect balance of green plants and beautiful golden fairy lights. This wedding theme will surely leave an everlasting memory.

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4) Royal Rajasthani wedding theme

The elegant Rajasthani wedding theme or simply the Rajwada wedding is one of the most royal and glamorous themes these days. A colorful and elegant theme that will take you back to the royal Rajputana era. Traditional music, rangoli, props, food carts, it has got it all. Keep your menu a royal one. You can even go for traditional performances like Ghoomar dancers and singers. Rajasthani wedding theme is the perfect choice for a perfect wedding.

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5) Flower wedding theme

The floral obsession of Indian women is a no secret. The world knows how much we love flowers. Be it small flowers or the big ones, we love them all. Why not go for a floral wedding? Decorate your wedding venue with flowers. Different types of flowers. Cover your entrance with orchids and your wedding area with roses and marigold. Cover the Mandap with flowers. The food items and desserts can be made to look like flowers. Nothing can be more pure than pleasant than having the floral ambiance all over your wedding.

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6) Bollywood wedding theme

Who isn’t a fan of Bollywood? If you both are a big fan of Hindi movies, go for a Bollywood themed wedding. Name you tables after some of the best Bollywood movies and your food and dessert after some of your favourite Bollywood stars. Decorate your venue the complete Bolly-way.

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7) Elephant-themed wedding

Elephants are believed to bring good luck and fortune. It is perfect for the bride and groom who are going to start a new life together. Elephants make really elegant decor as centerpieces. You can get an Elephant wedding cake. Small decorative elephants can be used as return gifts for the guests. It will surely make an unique wedding theme.


Themed weddings are so popular these days. There are a lot of wedding themes you can choose from. It will surely leave a huge impact on your guests and will make your wedding a memorable one for your guests and for you as well.