Themed weddings have become very popular nowadays and a lot of couples are opting for them. This gives you an opportunity to design your wedding around a concept/character that you love. But have you been searching for themes and seeing the fairytale and royal wedding themes over and over again? Worry not, we have some unconventional ideas for you.

Superhero Wedding Theme - Perfect Details


One For The Bibliophile

You can add books as centrepieces, bookmarks as wedding favours and have a bouquet made from papers, the ideas are endless. You can have your invitation made in the style of a parchment. Use a lot of burlap and twine in all your decor items. 

Adding a typewriter somewhere in the decor will make the whole look quite authentic. The couple here has used the typewriter by displaying a typed message for the guests. 

vintage typewriter at wedding


Carnival Themed

If you are going for a carnival theme, then go for one which represents the old country charm of the fairgrounds. Try to bring out the feel through colours, prop and decor. Have fun games stalls set up, that is sure to cheer up the guests and will make it a wedding to remember for all. 

Old-Time Carnival


Sufi Themed Wedding

Sufi is a great idea for your Sangeet or Mehndi rather than the wedding itself. music, soft lights, tasteful panelling, a Sufi theme has it all. Decorated lamps, stools and diwans for seating, Moroccan & Turkish style tables are some of the elements that bring a Sufi theme to life. For decor, you can use laser cut panels, arches and enclosed alcoves with inbuilt lighting. Bring in a Sufi band to make the night a success. 


Be The Superhero

One of the easiest yet super cool theme ideas for your wedding is to have a superhero theme. You can choose a particular universe, be it Marvel or DC or just have it all centred around your favourite superhero. This will be super fun and playful. You can have the decor and costume done using the colours of your superhero. 

Some of the tiny details which you can add are that you can have action figure place cards and also to hold up signs wherever required. 

action figures as wedding decor


Back To School

This theme is very apt for all the high school sweethearts out there. Let this be an occasion to travel down memory lane. You can use blackboards as signposts. Have a ruled notebook for the guests to write their comments on. You can have cute stationery as return gifts and place cards attached to pencils. 




Sports Themed

If both of you are sports lovers and sports is a big part of your life, then you can pay tribute to it at your wedding. There are multiple simple and fun ways to incorporate sports ideas into your wedding. You can wear the jersey of your favourite team at the after-party. Have a sports-themed cake or a cake topper, trophy vases and surfboard place cards. You can have it all centred around a single sport or bring in as many sports as you like. 

football in cake with pennant topper


Sports Wedding - Sports Wedding Inspiration #2058275 - Weddbook


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is the ultimate symbol of luxury and opulence. So, if you are planning to go all out and have a glamorous and over-the-top event, then this is a great theme for you. Remember that this will be the 1920s themed, so this a beautiful representation of the extravagance of the bygone times. 



We hope that we have given you some new ideas which you hadn’t considered before. Let us know your favourites in the comments and also remember to pin them for future reference.