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Photographs speak a lot about the photographer’s personality and traits. 
The kind of pictures you click and the way you present it, display your perception and mannerisms.
The important thing in photography is to have patience. 
The best cameras won’t guarantee you good pictures but a skilled photographer who has gained knowledge over a period of time will. 
Photography is an art and it need not be appreciated by all. 
You have to believe in your work, if you like your picture then it has the value, it doesn’t count if anyone appreciates it or not.
Photographs give a glimpse of our whole life.  The photographs you take and the way you take it matters the most.
As a wedding photographer you’ll find yourself shooting in a wide range of styles. 
There’s a lot time spent in the photojournalistic mindset, then you switch to being a portrait photographer, directing and posing. 
You will shoot lots of details, putting on your still life/commercial cap. 

We Are Engaged With 
All Types Of Photography,Videography & Cinematography Work.


  • Fashion Shoot
  • DSLR Shoot
  • PortFolio
  • Cinematic Vediography
  • Candid Photography
  • Videography
  • Albums
  • Digital Screens
  • Pre-Wedding Shots

Couples Review

The whole experience was Excellent

From initially being shown round through booking for our destination wedding to our reception cermony the whole experience was astonishing and amazing.

By Mahima and Nitin, on 02 Oct 2017

The Style was Fantastic!

The was he shot our wedding photgraphs that was totally satisfying and amazing. He changed the total theme of our wedding and took it to another level.

By Deepa and Aman Rawat, on 04 Jan 2015

Amazing Work Style!!!

Akhishit's style and concept of shooting a wedding is totally different from other photographer.He makes the photgraphs speak the moment.

By Tanya and Rajat, on 10 Feb 2016

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