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The essence of true photography is to bring out the very soul of the moment or the emotion captured.

CandidShutters is an endeavor to fulfill that very motive of photography.

We love telling stories- stories that touch your heart, make you jump with joy, reminiscence those playful banters by your closest friends, stories that make your hearts warm up, stories that bring a smile to your face each moment every day.

CandidShutters is an endeavor to capture all things beautiful. We are a passionate team of wedding photographers and cinematographers that love to capture and preserve the most beautiful of emotions experienced around.

We believe that weddings are a path defining phase of an individual’s life; the flood of emotions and beautiful memories that a wedding creates is rare, truly overwhelming and heart warming. Hence, weddings serve as a perfect platform for us to satiate our creative juices and allow us a cathartic experience.

Indian weddings are truly a delightful visual colorful extravaganza giving ample fodder to our creative minds and motivate us to outdo ourselves and create memories that get etched in your hearts forever.

Armed with experience in covering over 300 varied cultural weddings across the globe, CandidShutters comprises of a talented pool of passionate creative artisans that work tirelessly to preserve the most precious day of your life and seal it forever. We are headed by a BITS Pilani and NMIMS, Mumbai Alumni and have our offices and crew of 11 members in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

We understand the value wedding holds in a person’s life and the many lives it touches and hence put in charge of your event our most credible photographers and cinematographers.

Our only condition and advice to our clients are – To forget all worries and just immerse themselves in their most wonderful life defining day and enjoy themselves. We are there to take care of preserving your most cherished memories.

Invite us to be a part of your celebrations and create stories that will be a reason for your smile for years to come.


  • Online Wedding Album
  • Photo Journalism
  • Cinematic Vediography
  • Candid Photography
  • Albums
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Documentary
  • Pre-Wedding Shoots
  • Wedding Ceremonies (Mehendi, Haldi etc.)
  • Reception

Couples Review

The whole experience was Excellent

The reason why we choose CandidShutters is her silence while doing her work we didn't had to redo the pose .. he captured the picture at their very moment and not the only posing .We like her work and even recommended to our friends .

By Vishal and Jyoti, on 19 Apr 2016


Working with Pranjal Kumar from our pre wedding shoot to capturing all our wedding antics was fun. We love her eye for detail and the uniqueness that Pranjal brings. Some of pictures look like they couldn't be real because they looked so beautiful. Our picture of us in the pool is so dreamlike and we assure you that was all Pranjal's work. Pranjal at times asked us to do things and sometimes we could not figure out why until we saw our pictures and realised the artistry in her work. He has a gift and when we look at our photos we see it in all of them.

By Rajiv and Bhavita, on 20 June 2015

Amazing CandidShutters !!!

I am so happy we chose CandidShutters ...Their unique eye for the unusual and flair for drama gave us and our families memories to cherish forever and she told our love story in a way that was uniquely hers (and yet managed to capture what we wanted - sometimes at risk to her personal safety 😉 She more than went the extra mile for every shot and we wish her much deserved happiness and success. He is forever an integral part of our life story.

By Svenja and Jeff, on 21 Dec 2015

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