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Everything else lasts for few days, music, dance, celebrations, parties, only the memories stays with you for lifetime, in form of pictures & videos.

We understand that your wedding is one of the most important day of your life and you want the memories to be the same i.e captured in the most beautiful way Vivah Moments captures the priceless moments of your special day in a creative way.

We are a team of Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi, dedicated to create the most beautiful memories of your wedding day. 

How we do
it :-

Memories are created when you get to see your emotions
captured , rather than posing and smiling in front of camera. Thats what we do, we capture the moments of your special day without disturbing and asking you to pose.

Our shooting style resembles our name, 'Vivah moments' because we capture moments of your wedding, not just photos. This style of photography is also known as Candid photography.

Also, at the stage some of the shots need to be composed in a portrait format, when family and guests are accompanying the couple and looking straight into the camera.

This style of photography is also known as Portrait photography.Both the styles has their own significance, thats why we suggest to get atleast 2 photographers on your wedding day.

However, no. of photographers depends upon the guests on your wedding day. 
Have a look at some of our work for Wedding Photography at our photography page, and let us know what you feel about it. If you like it, share it. Sharing it on your facebook wall will entitle you 10% discount on your total fees


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Couples Review

The whole experience was Excellent

The reason why we choose Vivah Moments is her silence while doing her work we didn't had to redo the pose .. she captured the picture at their very moment and not the only posing .We like her work and even recommended to our friends .

By Dhruv and Ekta, on 19 Apr 2016


Working with Vivah Moments from our pre wedding shoot to capturing all our wedding antics was fun. We love her eye for detail and the uniqueness that Vinay brings. Some of pictures look like they couldn't be real because they looked so beautiful. Our picture of us in the pool is so dreamlike and we assure you that was all Katia's work. Katia at times asked us to do things and sometimes we could not figure out why until we saw our pictures and realised the artistry in her work. Katia has a gift and when we look at our photos we see it in all of them.

By Rajiv and Bhavita, on 20 June 2015

Amazing Katia

I am so happy we chose Vivah Moments ...Her unique eye for the unusual and flair for drama gave us and our families memories to cherish forever and she told our love story in a way that was uniquely hers (and yet managed to capture what we wanted - sometimes at risk to her personal safety 😉 She more than went the extra mile for every shot and we wish her much deserved happiness and success. He is forever an integral part of our life story.

By Svenja and Jeff, on 21 Dec 2015

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