Virat and Anushka Tie the Knot

Virashka wedding has always been the most awaited wedding for Virat as well as Anushka’s Fans.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli wedding is the buzz of the year . Proof of it is  social media craziness on Monday evening. As news leaked in that the two will release a statement . Photos post of  their marriage filled every social media. The fans could not keep calm
There were tweets every second as fans beseech-ed the couple to end their fight. They share Virushka – a combination of Virat and Anushka – photos. The two were soon on top trends on social media . When the photos finally came, you could almost hear a mutual cheer from the virtual world.
A wedding between a cricketer and a Bollywood actoress is always a huge deal . But Virat and Anushka are two individuals at the top of their careers and have a long innings ahead of them. But what made this a national event was that it happened as a shock. Nobody expected a wedding right now. People were wondering will-they-won’t-they. The cricketer and actoress turned the chat to ‘when will they’.

Virushka wedding was fixed in Sri Lanka

According to an India Today article, the two families met and discussed the wedding in Sri Lanka. While Virat and Anushka kept the world busy by releasing photos of them gardening. The family priest announced December was the right time. Preparations started from their on.

Rumors started when Virat-the highest paid cricketer demanded a leave from his work. Yet, well-placed sources removed it and said he wants a break as he needs rest.
The wedding was a few days away and the media had finally caught on. It was now that Anushka’s rep decided to cover up by saying no wedding was on the cards and she was not in the know.
Whether they are your favorite or not but they surely give you wedding goals.