Virushka’s unabated love saga setting ultimate relationship goals

Turning overleaf

Celebrity couple- Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma (Virushka) have formidably returned to be the hot property in the entertainment world with their reunion early this year, and it seems from the surface that the couple underwent much more than just a change of heart.

Formerly made infamous by keyboard warriors who had no qualms about creating memes about them at the word go, Virat and Anushka have risen in ranks to now become the epitome of solidarity and love, so much so that Virushka’s reunion is a serious competition to both Sourav Ganguly’s comebacks and Ross and Rachel’s eye-watering patch-up in the final season.

Virushka (Virat and Anushka) and the symbiotic ad world

It is often claimed that the ad-world, uses the image of famed and loved celebrities to dispel doubts and controversies about their brands. But, Manyavar/Mohey’s recent ad featuring the newly reunited couple, Virushka did just the reverse. It was almost as if Virushka, was ready to break away from their former shell of shyness and restraint to go all-guns-blazing at preaching their love to the world and set an example. And as was expected, the paparazzi took notice of this bold move.

Before Virushka parted ways last year, it is claimed that Anushka didn’t want to publicise their relationship because the interviewers always seemed more keen about intervening in her personal life, (i.e. her relationship with Virat) than asking her relevant questions related to her work, new films, role and/or acting. But it now seems, that the sense of discomfort that was present has evaporated into thin air, while the bond of Virushka has grown warmer.

Presently the captain of the senior Indian cricket team- Virat, rather proudly mentioned in an interview that Anushka has helped him grow more sense and has taught him a lot of things. He also mentioned that he had “no brains before” and that Anushka had inculcated in him, the virtues of sensibility and patience. And while no one is qualified enough to question his abilities, we might have actually seen a more understanding and responsible Virat, especially now that he has donned the captain’s hat.

Who spilled the beans?

While the duo, Virushka has not held themselves back from a rather public display of their love this time around, the news of Virushka’s reunion breaking out in the media was actually a series of coincidences. A week before the T-20 test match series in Sri Lanka, Virushka was spotted watering and planting a sapling there. Anushka had gone there to spend some quality time together with Virat. Though they haven’t labelled their relationship, this couple has set up relationship goals for the entire country.


Virushka was also spotted in Prague while Anushka was shooting a film with King Khan, when Virat flew to Czech Republic to spend some time with his beloved girlfriend. They were photographed by fans in Navplavka, a place known for restaurants and bars. As they were walking along the sidewalk, engrossed in their conversation, they were clicked by fans. This news broke in social media, when a fan thanked Anushka for clicking his and Virat’s picture together.

The duo was also seen holidaying and spending a gala time together in New York City. They were spotted clicking some selfies in some supermarket in NYC in which Virat mentioned Anushka as ‘heart’. Virushka has always been a power couple and day by day are giving us more relationship goals.


The royal announcement

Diwali advertisements are always meant to touch the hearts of all Indians, but Virushka almost exploded like the loudest firecracker with their commercial for Manyavar and Mohey. Virushka looking perfect together can be proved from the picture below where Anushka is looking gorgeous in the beautiful orange and red lehenga and Virat looks like a prince in a bandhgala and a velvet stole.


Virat was also spotted in a recent Diwali special chat show with Amir Khan where in the chat session, he nicknamed his beloved Anushka as ‘Nushki’ and also adds the line “Pyaar mein ek hi baar gira hoon” which makes Amir khan roll on the floor laughing.

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Love, beyond hate

What is however the most eye-catching in this saga is Virushka’s resilience against the naysayers. It hasn’t been long that Virushka was deployed as social media fodder with innumerable memes and jokes. While Virat was laughed at with the presupposition that his relationship diverted his focus from game, Anushka was jeered at for being a bad-luck for India’s brightest cricketing talent.

But as is the case with all adventures, Virushka proved that the most important factor in their relationship was not others’ opinions but themselves. And thus Virushka stayed, through thick and thin, putting most critics to shame. Virat is now the captain of the Indian cricket team and Anushka is set to feature in an upcoming film called ‘Pari’ with a more intense and serious look. Maybe- ‘all is well that ends well’ after all.