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ways to announce your engagement

You can’t wait to tell the whole world when that day finally comes when your partner gets down on his knees and asks you the heart dripping question ‘Will you marry me?’. Either that or you belong to the typical aka old-fash Indian family, and your parents ask you that question, slightly modified….Will you marry *particular sanskari (religious and respectful) boy* and your answer is yes.

Engagement Announcing Ways

You can’t wait to tell this news to everyone and so your search mission begins on how to announce your engagement like a pro..and now that you’re here, we’ll present some cute and clever ways to announce your engagement:

1) Fingerprints Loving

Make a heart by dipping yours and your fiancé’s finger in the ink pad. Cheesy? Naah. More like awww.

ways to announce your engagement

2) Animated Love

Have a graphic designer do a picture of you and your partner doing whatever it is you like to do. This is a great way if you want to leave the camera out of the way.

ways to announce your engagement

Source: Vimal’s paintings and sketches

3) Beach Babies

If you and your partner are fans of the waves, sand, and goldfishes.. tell the big news to the world with sand written engagement announcements. They are easy and priceless.

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4) Jersey Rockin’

Another casual way filled to the brim with cuteness is easy, fun and would have your friends and family go aww. Say it with your jerseys!

ways to announce your engagement

5) Tout Natural

Have someone capture the moment when you’re actually proposing to your partner. Nothing beats the real emotions going down at that moment captured forever. A video would work wonders too!

ways to announce your engagement


6) Say it With Coffee Mugs

Probably the trendiest ways to announce your engagement on Instagram, it’s casual and so easy. And you get to show off your ring on Instagram too (bonus). Admit it, that’s what you wanna do.

ways to announce your engagement

7) Flipagram Video

Assuming you had someone to capture the moment when you propose. Make a Flipagram video and include all the cute moments of you and your partner together. People are gonna think it’s just another video but the end would include the engagement picture with any cute caption like ‘she said yes’ or ‘the journey begins now’. That’s like basic with a twist.

ways to announce your engagement

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8) Pets Say It!

Get a dog together! When you and your partner decided to have a fur baby, your friends know it is a sign of things to come. Have your fur buddy break the news! I think this one is my favorites; it’s so cute I can’t even.

Source: pinterest

9) Re-enact Your Favorite Movie

Pay tribute to your favorite movie with a re-enactment of the DVD cover, like this “The Notebook” announcement. This idea sure does deserve an Oscar, no?

ways to announce your engagement

Source: pinterest

10) Coffee Cravers

Make the big announcement in this Starbucks inspired way with the tags ‘Mr’ and ‘Future Mrs’ with the ring included in the frame.

ways to announce your engagement

Source: wedded wonderland

 11) Another Reason to Party

For all you party-lovers, why not make the most of this wonderful moment and celebrate a couple’s wedding shower. You can plan out all sorts of clever things for the theme and the invitation card. Although, this one would be our favorite.

ways to announce your engagement

12) Photo Shooting

Yep, how convenient and useful right? They’ll make a great way to announce the big news to your family and friends and also make way for happy memories!

ways to announce your engagement

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13) Beyonce and Feyonce

How about just a snap of your partner wearing this badass t-shirt? After all, we’re all Queen B fans. Aren’t we?

ways to announce your engagement

So this was a list of some adorable ways to announce your engagement like a pro. Which one made it to your list?

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