Save Wedding Decoration Cost

Indian Wedding is not just about fun and excitement. There are much more things that are to be taken care of like money. Money is spent like water in the weddings, whether we talk about food or outfits or decoration.

While some expenses are such that cannot be cut down like that of the food. It is of no use to compromise on the quality of the food by cutting down the cost. But certain things like decoration expenses can definitely be lowered down if you plan and act wisely.

Nine Ways To Save Wedding Decoration Cost

We have compiled a list that will help you save wedding decoration cost. Follow the tips and you are going to thank yourself for it.

Know Your Budget

The first and the foremost thing to know is your budget. Decide on how much money will you be spending in the wedding overall and what part of your expenditure you want to spend on the wedding decoration. Knowing the figures will help you make a clear chart of expenses so that you can actually save.

Venue With Greenery

Save Wedding Decoration Cost

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When it comes to cutting down the Wedding Decoration cost, you should choose the venue carefully. Try to choose a venue that is more natural and has greenery all around so that you don’t need so much decoration. Botanical parks, open parks will be an ideal option. This environment looks already beautiful. All you need to do is some lighting.

Local Shopping

Shopping from the local vendors will definitely save a lot of money. Firstly, you don’t need to put efforts to travel from one corner to another just to buy some flowers. It is better to contact the local vendor beforehand to provide you with certain specific variety.

Decoration With Lighting

Save Wedding Decoration Cost

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Have you seen how does any lehenga appear in a showroom? Well, it looks absolutely stunning. Reason being the lights. In a similar way, lights can change the overall appearance in the wedding also. Invest in different colours lights and decorate the trees, entry area with it and it will look magical.

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Reuse Things Like Flowers

The best way to save is to reuse things. For flowers, it can work. The bouquet once used can be reused to adorn the venue. The flowers used in one ceremony can be garnered and used in another ceremony as well.

Use Seasonal Flowers Only

Save Wedding Decoration Cost

Using seasonal flowers for the decoration in the wedding is beneficial in every way. First, it is easily available with the florist. Second, they are cheap, thus help save a lot on flowers.

Rule of Third

Yes, the rule of third, not the physics one though. So, the rule of third is that never use more than three different variety of flowers to decorate the venue. The maximum variety of flowers you should use for wedding decoration is three. Remember this and save a ton.

Linen Table Cover

Tables without table covers will make the venue look dull no matter how green it is. Thus, table covers come to the rescue. But how can we save here? Well, the cloth of the cover matters. Linen is cheap still good enough while silk etc are quite expensive.

Put Candles as Centerpieces

Putting a vase on every table as a centrepiece will peel off your skin if you are planning to save on wedding decoration cost. Instead of that, go for big candles and surround them with stones and pebbles. Easy and it will save a lot of your money too.

You already have so many areas where you can not do anything but to spend like the bridal makeup, jewellery, outfits, venue, food but if you can definitely put you planning and financial skills into work and save wedding decoration cost.

Wedding decoration, if done systematically can make the venue look magical. But remember, it is not always the case that the more you spend the better you get. Sometimes your wise act can make you spend less and get more. Follow these tips and save a ton.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comments section below and let us know if you have any ideas on how you can save wedding decoration cost.