Wedding Ceremony Songs

Don’t wanna rely on the DJ for the perfectly timed, your favorite wedding songs when you walk to your man? Don’t. We have jotted down the most amazing, unique and breathtaking songs for you. All at one place. If you’re looking for the most unheard and yet the most beautiful songs to make your entrance an unforgettable moment, you’ve arrived! Your wedding ceremony songs will be something you will hold onto forever. And we can guarantee, the guests will remember it too when they talk about your wedding entrance. Now we all know how the idea of playing the chosen favorite songs at your own wedding altar has crossed your mind. Especially if you’re getting married soon. Take a seat back and just choose.

Here’s Your Wedding Ceremony Songs List:

We’ll help you look at the best version of all the wedding-authentic and contemporary songs that you will fall in love with.

Kabira (Encore)

Wedding Ceremony Songs

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This is the combination of both earthly folk beats and contemporary voice of the singer. It’s an instant recipe and an all-time favorite for the wedding ceremony playlist. The good thing about this song is that it can be played for the Mehendi or sangeet or Chooda ceremony or Haldi ceremony, it fits almost everywhere.


It’s by far the most soothing song ever. It will project the flow when the bride walks in with this one playing in the background. It expresses perfectly the romantic bond the bride and groom share, the walk she takes to cover the distance they stand at before they tie the knot to be together forever.

Din Shagna Da

Yes, it has become the wedding anthem ever since it came out and was played for the Anushka-Virat Wedding. We know it has been overdone but can still work its magic just like every time. Its become one of those classics that we can never get done with.

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Laadki (Coke Studio)

This song is sung by a little girl who is too young to realize the pain in this meaningful song. It will leave everyone with tears of happiness especially the father. It can be used in the wedding movie videos made as well. It will sit accurately from the scenes of the bride entering the altar, the ‘mandap rituals’, and the ‘Bidai’.

Ay Hairathe

The second most soothing entrance for the brides who like to keep it simple and gorgeous. Its beautiful, sober and quality all in one song.

Madhaniyan (Neha Bhasin)

Its less heard of and takes the breath away. This pure and simple Punjabi version of the song expresses the myriad of emotions felt by the bride. That 5-minute slow walk to her wedding altar with her heart thumping as all eyes are laid on her. The song is different yet relates to the bride in the most clichéd way. You can check out a couple more songs by the artist as well.

O Rangrez

This one is for the two souls who are going to be the part of each other through the peaks and valleys of their lives. The lyrics are immensely meaningful. Amalgamation of two soulmates in order to carry on the relationship filled with love and gratitude. It has got the wedding festivity beats and is absolutely romantic.

Zariya (Coke Studio- chorus part)

Wedding Ceremony Songs

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For the unconventional brides, it’s the most unique music piece I have come across. Composed by A.R. Rehman, you cannot go wrong with this. Its a mix of Nepali folk music and Indian traditional chorus. You can use the chorus part (which only lasts for )for the bridal entrance moment, it almost gives goosebumps. The chorus extracted from the whole song will be of about 50-60 seconds.


Ghar Naari (Fareed Ayaz)

Wedding Ceremony Songs

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Now, this is something you won’t find in any lists. It’s a traditional Pakistani song. The music, lyrics, beats is just going to get stuck in everyone’s head for so long. It’s one pretty song to play at your wedding ceremony. I can already imagine an applauded entrance of the bride.

Tera Wo Pyar

To all the contemporary couples, this song is the best choice for you. Its a lyrical for a love story.


I saved the best for last. This is my personal favorite and is an unforgettable song. The Rajasthani folk song is going to star your entrance at the wedding. It will be in your wedding videos forever and be the gold that never gets old. The beat drop towards the end of the song will give everyone the chills.

You better start rehearsing your entrance girl! Don’t forget to hand someone responsible, like your best friend, the playlist.