wedding day nails

So you’ve decided the outfit, shoes, the hairstyle, makeup and it’s time for the final touches. Wedding nails are not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaid or even the wedding guests.

Awesome Ideas For Your Wedding Day Nails

For the sole purpose of you not having to spend 5 hours online on finalizing the perfect nail colour, we list down some adorable ideas for your wedding day nails that you are bound to love:

1) Take Inspiration From Kylie Jenner

wedding day nails

2) Floral Nails

Florals always look elegant and adorable and they make a perfect choice for the wedding day nails. As in the picture, you can go for these orchids for they symbolize love, beauty and strength. The fact that each nail is a continuation of the last one’s design makes this truly unique.

wedding day nails

3) Always Room For Beads

Add an elegant amount of beads or pearls on your nails and have yet another nail art look ready.

Tip: don’t overdo it though.

wedding day nails

wedding day nails

4) Very Wedding-y

How beautiful would your hands look with these kinda nails and a wedding ring?

wedding day nails

5) Shades of Pastel Colours

Any base colour with an oil-slick finish that reflects the light of the nails is a ‘basic with a twist’ example and is a gorgeous idea for your wedding day nails. The same look can be achieved with metallic nail paints. 

wedding day nails

wedding day nails

6) Simple Beauty

If you want to go for a basic pastel shade, try an angular cut out design in any shade you want. 

wedding day nails

7) Barbie Nails

Because if you can’t have full on Barbie nails on your wedding day, when can you?

wedding day nails

8) Polka Dots

For all the close-ups of your wedding ring, this pretty polka dot design would look too cute to handle.

wedding day nails

9) Edgy Yet Classy

Silver. Check.
Glitter. Check.
Perfect nails. Check.

wedding day nails

10) Ombre Makes Perfect

If you like a bit of color in your manicure but don’t want to go overboard with it, try a gradient design that transitions from nude manicure to peachy pink. A touch of glitter makes this mani magical.

wedding day nails

11) Have you tried Lace Nails?

wedding day nails

Laces have been in trend since long. They’re pretty and stand for anything bridal. Why not ditch the old French manicure and make it a special day for your nails as well?

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You can skip the professionals here and even try it on your own if you’re up for a challenge:

What You Need:

  • A base colour of your choice
  • Lace edging in white/black/or colour of your choice (Lace can be found at any craft store.)
  • Clear topcoat polish
  • Small Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Nail Glue (optional)
  • Hair Dryer (optional)


Step 1- Cut your lace into the pattern you want to fit over your nails. You can add small lace triangles, narrow lace edges or cover your entire nail in lace.

Step 2- Paint your nails with one or two coats of your base polish. Ensure that your first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat. Use a hair dryer to speed up your drying process and to prevent nasty smudges.

Step 3- Apply one coat of your clear polish.

Step 4– While top coat is still wet; apply your lace pattern to your finger as firmly as you can. You may want to tap at it with a toothpick gently to press the lace onto your nails. Your blow dryer comes in handy again to help speed along the drying. The top coat will act as glue, securing the lace to your nails.

Step 5- If you choose to cover your entire nail, use your scissors to trim the lace to the edges of your nail.

Step 6- Once your nails have dried and the lace firmly stuck, you can add another layer of top coat for a glossy look and to prevent the lace designs from fraying. This is completely up to you; skip this step if you prefer the fabric look and feel. Use a toothpick and a little bit of nail glue to seal and slick down fraying edges.

These were some of the adorable ideas for your wedding day nails; do tell us which one made it to your list! Also, we’re sure you’re gonna nail the wedding.



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