“New York Bridal Fashion Week was from 3rd October to 8th October. It showcased a stunning array of wedding day looks for 2020 brides, with a focus on diversity, inclusivity, and individuality.” Here are some of the looks from Bridal Fashion Week. This was an amazing hit with over 30 brands and more than 15 designers showing off their artwork and serving us looks! 

Let this Bridal Fashion inspire your wedding dress with creativity, customized styles, and incorporating these looks into your bridal wedding dress to leave everyone in shock! 

Bubble Sleeves

There are so many different kinds of sleeves. These pieces of fabric have a lot of scope for creativity. Moreover, a sort of ball gown is supremely complimented well by bubble/ puffed up sleeves. “Like a wrap dress, these tops wrap around the front and feature a belt that cinches in your waist. And the bubble sleeves add a certain whimsical quality to the classic button-down shirt.”

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Bubble Skirt

“The bubble skirt originally reappeared on the fall 2019 ready-to-wear runways after decade-long hiatus—and then took a detour into bridal.” These skirts have their hems tucked back under to create a “puff” or a “bubble” like effect. They are back in style now and bring in elegance and charisma with them.

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Tiered Skirt Dresses

“Lampshade tiers of textured fabric fan out from these dresses’ defined waists, creating an unruffled cousin to the princess ball gown.” This is achieved by layering a lot of horizontal layers of fabric on top of each other. Normally, each layer is designed to be much wider and longer than the previous one. It is especially on-trend now! 

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Who doesn’t like flowers? Floral designs on dresses and other pieces of clothing look so classy and elegant. These dainty designs surely steal our hearts away!

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“Darker than blush but not quite bubblegum, dusty pink dresses and separates have emerged as the reigning alternative to white gowns.” This new color has emerged as a trend in the Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Week collection as an alternative to authentic and traditional white gowns. Adding a little splash of pink!

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Square Necked

“A 90-degree angle between the strap and the bodice of a gown is a tiny detail, but it works wonders. For one, it highlights your collarbone better than Fenty Beauty.” It meshes extremely well with short sleeves as well as long sleeves. The final effect it leaves is so elegant and dainty. This feminine squared neck style seems to be one of the most popular trends we have seen in 2020. 

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“Brides who aren’t sold on a traditional veil will be excited to see padded headbands making the rounds in the bridal world. The pearl or bead embellished headbands seen in street style are just as at home on the aisle—just make sure they’re in a shade of cream, blush, or champagne.” This 2020 Bridal Fashion Week also brought back the use of accessories. Enhancing your outfit with a hairband or a headband completes your overall look and leaves you with a rich finish. 

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Other Various Designs

There are obviously quite a lot of other designs that have not been covered in this article. According to Vogue, “While we saw plenty of traditional ball gowns, nearly every designer spoke about how much lighter they’ve become: The crinolines and underskirts are lighter, the corsetry and boning are lighter, and the embroideries are lightening up, too.” In recent times, brides obviously want intricate, delicate, detailed, and a voluminous design but they don’t necessarily want to carry on the tremendous amount of weight that a wedding dress usually has. 

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