wedding invitation wording for friends

Writing a wedding invitation wording for your friends is not an easy task. Your friends have always been there. They have seen your first date to first fight. Basically, they have seen it all. They have been there in your good times as well as bad times. Friends are one of the most important part of our lives. Wedding invitation wording for them is one of the most important thing. Show them how their presence matter to you and how it will make your special day even more special. They have been a part of your journey so they definitely are most important for this new beginning of your life.

wedding invitation wording for friends


Ideal Wedding Invitation Wording For Friends

Here are some amazing wedding invitation wording for friends.

1) For the friend who has been there in your ups and downs

Two lovers are about to be united forever and the only thing that can make the occasion even more special is if you were there to witness it and join in the celebrations!

2) Tell them how important they are for you

Things that will make us feel good on our wedding day:

1. Being married

2. You being there with us.

3) For the friend who lent you vehicle when you went on your first date

You made it happen. You must be there to watch the pinnacle.

4) Wedding invitation wording for friends who are party animals

Drink a lot, dance like no one’s watching… Our wedding will be just another night for you then! But please do be there.

5) Just make your friends smile with this wedding invitation wording

In anticipation of our big day, we just thought we would let the people most important to us know we’d like them to be there. You’re on top of the list.

6) Who could ever refuse a set up like that?

Buffet, DJ and Booze – your three favourite things under one roof. And by roof we mean the starry skies! Be there or be square!

7) It is a do or die situation. They will have to be there

We have news! We’re getting married. We also have good news. You’re so invited! Now for some not so nice news – be there or pay the price…!

wedding invitation wording for friends


8) For the friends who have stood like a rock for you

Our love has witnessed three countries, four years and countless ups and downs but there’s always been one rock to count on – you. See you at the wedding!

9) Your friends guarded you throughout your relationship

Without you I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks for everything. I ask just one more thing – be there with us as we celebrate our love.

10) For your best friends who helped you to realize your feelings for him and see the best in him

Remember when you said he was the one for me? Turns out you were right, now come help us celebrate!

wedding invitation wording for friends


Your friends have seen it all. They have celebrated your 1st month relationship anniversary with you and they have also helped you guys patch up when you fought with each other. Make the wedding invitation wording for them special and beautiful so that they can realize that you wouldn’t have had made it if they weren’t there for you.