Wedding invitations are the only thing that requires time and patience. It is indeed a tough job to decide the pattern, colour and design of a wedding card. Some of the families prefer not spend too much money on the wedding card but some of them also send some gifts and food items along with their cards. It is a personal choice for any individual.

This is why it is important to select a theme for your wedding. Once you are done with this, it will be easier for you to get your invitation cards printed. Choose the colour of your card according to the theme. Also, the design should be appealing enough to attract your guest.

For this you have to keep some crucial points in mind:

1. Language:

Choose your language. Take the language in account and create the matter accordingly. For instance, everybody prefer to write in hindi. With the same language you can still adapt new ideas. You can do this by changing the pattern of the invitation matter

2. The matter:

The main invitation should be catch and attractive and should be placed in the centre. The invitation should be able to provide all the key details like names of bride and groom, venue of the wedding, time of the wedding and much more.

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3. Main Information:

The invitation should have the information regarding all the functions. The dates, time and venue should be mentioned for all the functions related to the wedding.

4. The Note

If you decide to have a multi layered card, please try to write something on the idle side of the paper. It can be any small warming note or any short poem that may attract the guests.

5. Printing:

Give your invitation cards for printing atleast 3-4 months prior your wedding. Things may not turn up to the expectation sometimes. So, one should have enough time to replace it. For this, you must print your cards soon.

6. Sending:

Send your invitation almost 4 weeks before the wedding. Last minute sending may lead to cancellation of some guest. If there are guests coming from abroad, they should receive the invitation atleast 10 weeks before the wedding.

7. Online Invites

Those who will be receiving the invitation card on social media platforms should receive a proper full card. The card must be properly contained in a PDF file and a short and sweet message should also be written.