Organizing a wedding is an art that requires precision. No wedding can be perfect because there are mishaps that may or may not occur. But the key to a successful wedding organization is that you have plan B. You need to understand that there are some mishaps which can be avoided and some which you have no idea about. And to crack this mishap situation you should have a crisis plan ready. The crisis plan works just like insurance.

You may or may not use it but still you keep it for safety. But before making a crisis plan or plan B, you need to know about wedding mishaps. Therefore, here are some wedding mishaps that you need to be aware of:

Guest List & Guest Drama

Indian weddings are fun because of the people and loved ones who attend them. But as you are the one who is organizing the wedding you need to check the guest list. There might be a mix up in the guest list or the accommodation provided to them. Also, if many guests are attending the wedding there is a slight chance of drama. It is said that every Indian wedding has that sad uncle who keeps on picking fault about anything and everything. So there is a high chance of some sort of drama that might happen at your wedding.


Catering Mishaps

Food is the best thing at a wedding. Honestly, most of the people attend weddings for the delicacies that the wedding is going to serve. And it is of utmost importance to serve quality and tasty food to the people. But there are chances that the food turns out less for the guest or there is some accident in the kitchen as fire is involved. You need to be prepared for any such sort of mishaps. Planning things always helps in such cases.


Wedding Attire Mishaps

Now this is the scariest mishap that you should pray doesn’t happen at your wedding. Your wedding attire will be the eye candy of everyone’s eyes. And for a fact, it is the most important thing for you too. But what if that dream wedding attire rips or falls apart from someplace? Yes, that would be the worst nightmare. So you need to try on the wedding attire for two to three times before the wedding day. Also, if you can arrange for the tailor to stay at the wedding it will be the best thing. But if that is not possible, you can always keep the person who has basic skills by your side. 


Floral Disaster

The main part of the wedding decoration consists of flowers. But there might be a situation where the flowers might start dying because of the weather condition. Also there could be a mix up in the floral decoration. The flowers you have chosen might not be available or not be used at the wedding. At that time, you need to be calm and think about the best possible way to handle the disaster.


Health-Related Issues

Wedding rituals and enjoyment can take a toll on your physical as well as mental health. You might get sick because of the exertion of the functions or your tummy might be upset because of the food. Also, you might face some makeup allergies which will not be good at all because you want to be perfect for your wedding. To come out of this situation, you need to have a well prepared first aid box. The first aid box should contain medicines that cure headaches, body aches, upset stomach, and nausea. It should also have anti allergies in case you might have some reaction. Home remedies might also come to rescue, in case you don’t have a first aid box.


Other Miscellaneous Mishaps

Mishaps can happen anytime anywhere. The person who is organizing the wedding has to keep her/his eyes and ears open all the time. It is very important to have a presence of mind in such situations. So other mishaps include mixing of songs, bad weather conditions, or someone tripping and falling. You might not be able to prevent all the wedding mishaps but at least you can stay prepared to face any obstacle that might come into your way.