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Wedding or Marriage? Which One Are You Looking Forward To?

Wedding or Marriage?

Before you plunge into all the preparations and shopping for your big day and get all excited about how beautiful you are going to look, you definitely need to ask yourself this question. Why? Because wedding and marriage are two entirely different things and you should be clear whether you want a wedding or marriage? A wedding is a hype, definitely a very important day in your life, so alright to be planning and be happy but marriage is a much bigger canvas which you need to be sure about. It’s not only a part of your life but your entire life is going to revolve around it after the ‘big day’. The wedding ends in a day, the glitters fade and the reality that strikes you is that you are now married and now share your life with someone else. If you are prepared for it, you accept it calmly. So, do you know you are plunging into a wedding or marriage? Let’s check out the list!

A Wedding –

The Celebrations

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The wedding is mostly about celebrations. You celebrate the start of a new life or at least the addition of another permanent person in your life. Though it’s exciting to decide all those themes, decorations, and menu for the big day, you mustn’t forget the essence of the celebration. Defining wedding or marriage, you can say that wedding is the celebration of a marriage.

The Vogue

It’s about the ongoing trends too, that makes it more tempting and jolly to prepare for the day. It might sound weird, but yes there are times more than a few when the people concerned don’t know if they are happy for the wedding or marriage. They enjoy everything related to the wedding and later crib on realising what marriage brings along.

The Shopping

Source: theweddingplannersindia.com

The craziest shopping you do in your life is at the time of your wedding. You get all the nicest outfits for your wedding functions and buy anything that attracts you because nobody said there’s a limit! But we hope you know what this shopping is all about (except for the wedding day), right?

A Marriage –

The Union

Source: storyboardwedding.com

A marriage is a union of two souls that makes the rest of your life beautiful. It’s no more you but ‘us’. You have to think and work as a team rather than individuals. And you need the commitment to keep your train on track. If you are ready for it, it’s going to be a smooth ride!

Changing Paradigms of Relationships

It’s very important to be prepared for this specific aspect of your marriage. It’s not that you have to forget your previous relationships but you will have to make space in your life for new ones because it’s not just two people coming together to live their life together but two families forming a bond with you as the thread. You must know that at times it would be difficult, but you will have to be strong and manage everything with the help of each other.

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Source: marriagemax.com

No matter what, marriage does come with a set of defined responsibilities. Even if you are young and your family/ies are supportive enough, you can’t run away far from it. From managing family ties to keeping a track of expenses and savings, you will have to be responsible for everything. Accept it happily as it comes along and you would never know the difference between a wedding or marriage. Just keep the celebrations going!

Though marriage sounds to be a bit scary, it’s not so if you accept things happily. Remember, you are not alone and that makes everything much easier. It’s just that you should prepare yourself for the things to come so that the surprises don’t overwhelm and intimidate you.

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Happy journey to the beautiful life that’s to follow your wedding! 



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