” I have nothing to wear”, ” What is the new wedding outfit inspiration?”

Does this statement seem familiar to you? Whenever an occasion approaches, do you constantly feel pressured to buy a new wedding outfit but can not figure out? With all the choices present in these times, you never want to wear anything that is outdated. Even though Fashion is a very personal statement yet it comes and goes like a zephyr. Remember when Off-Shoulders were a trend? And now how the same trend is so overdone. 

Nobody wants to repeat the same outfit. Isn’t it embarrassing? Because let’s face it! All of us remember each and every outfit we wear. Wedding outfit inspiration is a TASK! With the advent of Social Media, this embarrassment is becoming a real thing! But just like every coin has two sides, even Social Media has its own perks!

Outfit Inspiration has become such a big phenomenon, Thanks to Social Media! We, more than often come across ideas on how to wear a simple saree in multiple new and innovative ways! Such a lifesaver. How convenient, right? You wouldn’t spend thousands and thousands on a designer just to wear it once? 

Well, if you have stayed till here, wait for a Lil more while to explore all these chic and classy wedding outfit inspiration to rock all the weddings and grab all the eyeballs!

1. Roshni Bhatia

If you have always found that chic element missing in your outfits, the @Chiquefactor is the answer for you! Roshni started her fashion career and hasn’t moved backward since. She is known for her fashion statements and simplicity. Follow her and you would always feel inspired!

2. Komal Pandey

For all those experimental people out there, try @komalpandeyofficial ‘s style, and trust me there wouldn’t be any going back! Komal takes her style up a notch with every new video she puts up!

3. Cherry Jain

Let’s be honest, not all of us like to get all experimental and try new styles out of our comfort zones. But, hey, who wouldn’t want to add a touch of their personality into their outfits? @cherryjainofficial is the game changer here! For every Indian outfit info under your budget that helps you to outstand, Cherry Jain is here for the inspo!