The wedding day is the foremost vital days in one’s life. It is considered as the most significant event. When years and years go by, the worth of the wedding day stays the same. Yet as human memory dies, captured memories that have been stolen do not. The wedding album which reminds everyone of their lavish and grand wedding ceremony is what makes a wedding ceremony memorable forever. Wedding day images remind a couple of their great love and mutual moments of joy.

What are you waiting for, then?

Just scroll down and check out the inspiration for those wedding poses and have a perfect wedding album.

The Forehead Kiss


The kiss on the forehead is one of the newlyweds’ most romantic poses. The kiss on the forehead is the most serene and respectful shots. It is a definition of love and vows to take care of your partner and cherish him/her. An image capturing the moment of such passion and promises will always keep a couple’s love steady throughout their lives. Such a picture stands for one’s pledge of confidence and one’s vows. You can frame it on the wall of your bedroom and this can later be a reminder of the intimacy shared at rough times. 

The Twirl


The twirling shot is nothing but a magic pose. It’s the best time to be love-struck and feel as if all you want to do is just twirl your love around. So just do it, and click a couple of decent shots while you’re at it.

Standing Side by Side


A wedding is incomplete without the couple being pictured right by the side of each other. A wedding is incomplete without the couple being pictured right by the side of each other. A simple side-by-side photo of the couple is a must-have because it reveals how well you fit on each other’s side and always will. 

Fun Shots


The days are gone when brides were all conservative and shy. Now the brides are just turning around and showing off their attitude. They wear glasses and shoes with swag mode turned on. 

Dance Shots



When the dance floor is on fire as the couple dances, everybody obviously can not take their eyes off the pair. The chemistry, the passion that is so genuine, combined with your love romantic dance songs, will automatically become the main contributor to beautiful poses of the wedding couple. 

Few Candid Shots


Try something else after you’ve done the well-rehearsed picture-perfect posing to add a natural zing to your photos. A candid shot will always tell you the couple’s love story. These shots are capable of being taken when the couple smiles and have some quality time with each other. It might be a mutual moment of personal conversation or just a special ceremonial moment. Surely this intimate wedding picture will bring a smile to your faces every time you go through your wedding album.

Just Married Shots


It’s a fun sweet moment to be caught for life right after the pheras when you’re just married and walking out of the mandap as “Husband & Wife”. Every good photographer is searching for their precious shot so all you need to do is be cool, cheerful and show some love. Moreover, the beautiful mandap also gives this spectacular shot the ideal backdrop.

Even though the moment is gone, with the wedding photoshoot you will still enjoy those unforgettable moments. Each picture has a different sense and can add value to the couple. However, you have to add personal touches to those poses and take the ones you like the most. 

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