Weddings are no more just a matter of a day, few close relatives and simple ceremonies. It has now become an epitome of your class and standard, your lifestyle and taste. The whole group you hang out with looks forward to what and how you do it. There are still people who find it relatively important to have a simple ceremony with important people without any pomp and show. But the majority of the crowd gives in to pleasing the society and fulfilling their expectations. Some genuinely have some and dreams about their wedding, which needs to be fulfilled. This leads to excessive wedding planning and stress.

All this needs a lot of effort, time and management skills. It is now somewhat easier with the presence of several professional wedding planners. But still, someone needs to be present to monitor every activity to get things perfect. When both the families plan to have a destination wedding or just move in together in some resort for the functions, the stress is divided. Otherwise, each family needs to prepare separately and also worry about keeping up with the expectations of the other. This can sometimes lead to cold arguments, upsetting the crowd.

Important Elements of Wedding Planning

There is so much to look after when it comes to a wedding that sometimes it can be too much to handle. The most important elements that need to be managed are:

  • Venues for all functions. They should be booked well in advance. During the wedding season, it becomes really difficult to get venues of your choices. Most of them have to be booked months in advance.
  • Booking the venue is also not an easy task. There are so many to choose from with so many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. Arrangements for proper food, budget, decoration, all needs to be kept in mind.
  • Then comes, inviting the guests. For that proper wedding cards need to be printed and distributed timely. This again is a very trivial task with the increasing choices and variety of cards. Finalizing the required content is a difficult task too.
  • After this, it is the turn for shopping. Shopping includes clothes of the bride and groom for each function. This is a big task to find the perfect pair of clothes, color-coordinated and as you wish for. Then there is shopping for jewelry, clothes of all family members, accessories, gifts for relatives and all items that are required in different ceremonies and rituals.
  • Along with the venue for functions, arrangements have to be made for the stay of outstation guests. This needs booking of hotel rooms.
  • Then, arrangements need to be made for caterers for providing all the meals till guests stay for the functions. It requires finalizing the menu and getting raw materials along with choosing proper menus for the venue of events.

Wedding Worries

These are a few major things that need to be taken care of at a wedding. There are many bigger and smaller tasks included. It goes on until the very last day and results in stress. From all the family members to the bride and groom, everybody can feel the stress amid all the celebration, fun and cheer. There is excitement along with nervousness of how everything will go. Nobody wants their special day, the one they have looked forward to for so many years, to mess up in any way.

Along with the panic of preparations, there is some anxiety of the bride and groom. They are also nervous about starting the new phase of life. Not only for the bride who has to enter a whole new family and adapt them as her own, it a whole new step for the groom too. He has to now shoulder the responsibility of a husband along with a son, striking a perfect balance in both. The way to a happy marriage is a balance between careers, both families as well as your relationship.

Along with so much stress, there is excitement and celebration to live every moment fully. There is curiosity about how things will turn out to be along with happiness and wish to make beautiful memories.