wedding planning checklist

Planning the perfect celebration isn’t easy; it can turn into big chaos if the right planning isn’t done. What better than a good old wedding planning checklist to save the day?

Wedding Planning Checklist

Here is the wedding planning checklist you need to make things a little organised:-

wedding planning checklist

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When You Get Engaged

1) First things first, talk to your partner and family and work out the date and budget so that you can start planning things keeping that in mind.

2) Now that you have the budget decided, start your wedding guest list. If you want to keep the expenses low, it makes sense to keep the guest list a little shorter.

3) For best results in keeping organized and staying calm, get a wedding planning binder and scribble it with ideas, inspirations, checklists, deadlines and everything in between.

4) Decide on what type of venue you would want on the wedding day- indoors or outdoors- hotel or private house-farm and barn or marquee- beach or boat. There are plenty of options so you might want to start your research ASAP.

5) Once that is decided, you can start with the theme of the decor. Are you more of a rustic theme person or vintage? Let this reflect you and your partners’ personality.

6) Browse wedding dresses, since this is going to take a lot of time.

7) Research and start assembling a team of a good photographer, band/DJ, florist and caterers.

8) A wedding insurance (?) is a policy that covers you financially in case of cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding due to an illness, accident, fire, theft and other factors. Research enough about it and consider going for it. Even if you do everything right, there could still be a loss and wedding insurance would save you that loss.

8-10 Months

1) Reserve the wedding and reception venues, first and foremost.

2) Start mailing the ‘Save the date’ invitation to your guest list.

3) Hire the wedding photographer and videographer.

4) Meet with the caterers and hire the one you like best.

5) Begin with your wedding attire shopping: The wedding dress, accessories and footwear. 

6) Start planning your honeymoon: Book the flights and the hotels.

7) You have to get back to the game: Make it a habit to drink plenty of water, genuinely fix your sleep schedule, and establish a skin care and fitness routine and make it a priority to follow it.

8) Decide on what kind of entertainment you want on the wedding day. Attend various gigs and watch them perform in front of an audience, hire the one you absolutely love.

7-6 Months

1) Select and purchase the invitations. Customising the invitations with the names and addresses is a little time-consuming. Hire a calligrapher, if desired.

2) Fix a meeting with the officiant to discuss the ceremony.

3) Start exploring hairstyles for the big day that would go perfectly with your wedding attire.

4) Hire a wedding decorator and indulge him with the preferred themes and background. Let the professionals take care of the wedding venue.

4-5 Months

1) Purchase the wedding attire.

2) Choose flowers for the venue.

3) Schedule appointments with your hair and makeup artists. It is better to have a trial run first and see if you’re satisfied with it.

4) Prepare a list for the DJ if you have specific recommendations on what to play and what not to play.


1) At this point, the flowers, music and food arrangements should be finalised.

2) Finalize honeymoon plans and make sure all the documents are arranged in a folder.

3) Choose and order the wedding rings.

4) Meet up with the photographer for a pre-wedding shoot, if you desire.


1) Get in touch with all the vendors and let them know about the wedding day timeline. 

2) Review the playlist with the band or DJ.

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A Month

1) Make all the final payments.

2)  Confirm hair and makeup appointments.

3) This is the time for a new haircut or hair color, if you desire.

4) Have your BACHELORETTE! (?)

5) Make an emergency wedding kit

Wedding Week

1) Reconfirm arrival time with the vendors

2) Start packing for the honeymoon

3) Convey your requests to the photographer and videographer.

4) Since you’re almost there, relax and take a break: Book a spa treatment for you and the bridal party.

wedding planning checklist

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Here you go! The crazy-unremitting-inevitable wedding planning checklist, at the tips of your hand. Share with us how you’re coping with your wedding planning in the comments. Do you have your wedding planning checklist ready?



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