If you are the couple that falls in the category of getting married this year but now you can’t, all thanks to coronavirus. 🙁 But don’t worry, think of this as an extended time you got for planning the wedding. Oh, yes! All the couples can definitely do all the planning work for their wedding next year now. So, here are few wedding planning tasks to do while social distancing. 


Pick Wedding Theme

This is the perfect time to narrow down your wedding theme. Search for all the options available online and start making a list of all the selected common themes between you and your partner. Start saving images for the same so it becomes easier to convey later on to the vendors what you exactly want without wasting time. 

Virtual Shopping


If you want to get married immediately after this pandemic gets over, it is better you not waste time and just go ahead with virtual shopping. We know there’s nothing quite as special as personally trying out beautiful lehengas in a designer store, this may be a great time to look for your dream outfits online. Just select the outfits and save them so you have to just place an order once everything reopens. 

Personalize Your Invites

Be ready with your wedding invitation designs and since you have all the time in the world, try to personalize them according to the theme of your wedding. Try creating a digital invite, just in case it takes time to reopen all the businesses, you could send in the digital invitation cards and you don’t have to stress out at last moment for not getting to print your invites. 

Strategize With Your Wedding Planner


When you have a wedding planner, you have nothing to worry about. Get on a video conference call with your partner and your planner, and discuss the new game plan. If you have zeroed down on an idea, discuss with them how you can incorporate it into your wedding and be open to their opinions too. Leave it to your planner for informing all the vendors about the postponement of dates and new things that are planned. This helps to have everything in place, well in advance.

Save Mehendi Designs

While you are busy scrolling through your Instagram feed in your free time, double tapping all the pictures, it’s time to skim through beautiful mehendi designs for reference in the future. This will make things easier once everything comebacks to normal and you would just have to show to your designer what you want and you would have that without wasting time, pondering over designs a few days before the wedding. 

Practice Your Sangeet Dance


This is the right time to put on your dancing shoes and be your own choreographer. You have enough time to ace the ultimate sangeet dance performance of yours. Take inspiration from this playlist and perform before an imaginary audience. Don’t forget to record it all on your phone to memorize the steps for the final performance at your Sangeet night. You can also practice your couple dance by doing a video call. Best way to work out together too!

Shortlist Your Honeymoon Destination

It’s all about scrolling the internet throughout the ultimate wedding planning in this quarantine. While you are already planning the wedding virtually, why not shortlist places for your honeymoon? Discuss with your partner and shortlist places that you would want to see. Also, try and opt for a luxury vacation in India (given the current situation) instead of overseas travel, if you are planning your honeymoon immediately after the wedding as it will take quite some time for things to get normal around the world. 

Pinterest To The Rescue


If you don’t already have one, then create a Pinterest Board, and let your imagination and creative juices flow to perfect each event, from florals to centerpieces to the food menu. This is the ultimate guide to planning a wedding through social distancing. Create a board and include your partner in this board so that he/she can also keep on pinning images or inspiration and ideas to the board.

Download  The Wedamor App

Wedamor is the most comprehensive wedding planning app that helps the to-be-couple the entire wedding planning exercise with minimal fuss. The important modules include Planning(Manage Tasks and Invitations), Vendor Management(Search Photographers, Venues, Mehandi Artists etc), Explore Ideas(Articles, Photos & Videos), Sharing and Interaction(Experts and Other Brides/ Grooms).

Download the app from play store and start planning your wedding.

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While you are staying and staying safe, you may actually enjoy this process of planning a wedding through social distancing. We promise you these would make your tasks so much easier and smooth!