Shagun is a very prestigious wedding favor given to the guests when they come to attend your wedding. It is considered as a token of gratitude and appreciation for being present at the wedding with their love and blessings to shower. It is also common for all guests to gift the bride and groom with either money or some interesting gifts. So consider it as a return gift but Shagun is a vital element of the ceremony. While these little gifts can be included in an elaborate wedding invite basket, it can also be handed over during the ceremonies. In whichever way the bride and groom want to deliver this token of appreciation, it needs to be special and something that brings a smile on your guest’s face. With these ideas, I hope to help you find the perfect wedding return gift ideas for Shagun for your special day.

In my opinion, this gift needs to set you apart from all the mainstream choice of gifts. As this token determines your taste, choice, and consideration. It cannot be something too big nor too small. It should have the right size, quantity, and appeal. So here are some wedding favors I think will give your wedding a classy edge.

Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun

While candles are a very common household item/gift to give away but a customized, hand picked, beautiful candle makes a world of difference. I personally love these brightly patterned and colored candles with Indian metallic designs and prints that shout out bold and exciting. The little drops of sequins add a unique element to it and also enhance the beauty of these candles. No one will know if this is actually a candle or a great looking expensive showpiece. No one can resist loving such a multi-purpose item as a gift when searching for wedding return gift ideas for Shagun. You can also alter the design on these candles by putting the wedding couple’s name in a curvy font with metallic paint so that it becomes more personalized and memorable. Buying them in bulk would also be super cost effective and this does deserve to debut on your wedding! 

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Elephant Chocolate  Holder 

Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun

Everyone loves a little sweet treat like chocolates don’t they. Moreover, if that chocolate sits on top of a beautiful handicraft item, it is a double bonus! These pretty little lightweight elephants are a perfect gift and especially apt if you have a very royal theme to your wedding. Even if you do not have a royal theme going on, adding a gift like this to your wedding favor list will make it extremely royal. This among our wedding return gift ideas for Shagun is definitely going to win hearts and the sweet tooth of your guests. 

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Henna Decorated Cookies

Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun

Eating a simple sugar cookie and then eating this masterpiece cookie. Which one would you love more? Obviously, the sugar cookie coated with beautifully colored frosting and decorated with delicate henna tattoo designs. These are so pretty that maybe some guest might not even want to eat it and rather laminate and keep it in their homes. (I mean I would really do that). Jokes apart, these cookies are great as a gift to give and each one of them can be wrapped in these tiny metallic design covered pyramid boxes. They will add more glamour and excitement when handed to the guests. Moreover, they will be surprised to open it and find something more beautiful that is also edible. Do consider keeping this as among your wedding return gift ideas for Shagun if you love food as much as I do… haha.

Sweet Cone Treat
Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Shagun

There is one more addition to the sweet treat for your guests. The mehndi cone symbolizes the importance of the “Mehandi” in the wedding and it also is a creative way of packing something people relish- small candies, dry fruits and so on. They can be labeled with the couple’s name and any addressing words if there are any to make it personalized and thought through. The color scheme of the ribbons and decorations on the cone can match that of the typical wedding colors like bright red, gold, mustard, royal blue and more. This will be a simple but effective Shagun that your guests will adore. 

There are many little gifts out there that can be chosen which can be even more personal to the couple. For example, something special and particular that portrays the kind of state or place they have lived in or something that defines their bond and love can be chosen. For every couple, this different personalized thing will be an idea they come up with by watching their surroundings. However, these are some ideas which can be used as a very generic but unique when wondering over or shopping for wedding return gift ideas for Shagun. 



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