Weddings are a big affair in India. Your family and friends have always been a part of your big affair, whose impeccably dressed, wholesome and warm presence has made your big day even better. Giving them a small return gift will be a small yet significant gesture for thanking them to be a part of your D-day as they took out time from their busy schedule just to be a part of your important day and shower you with so many blessings and warm wishes.

A return gift is a small token of love from you..

Here the question arises what to gift them so we have tried a bit to help you. Here are some options you can choose from.

1) Colourful Succulent Plants

If you are a nature lover, why not show that to your guests and give them something that reflects the true essence of nature. Succulent plants in exotic colors packaged in handmade pots with beautiful patterns would make an excellent return gift with the signal of your motto “go green”. These will make amazing return gifts.

Colorful Succulent Plants

2) Colourful umbrellas with ethnic flavour

If you are having a destination wedding anywhere in Rajasthan be it Udaipur, Jaipur or Jodhpur, these colourful umbrellas are a perfect return gift for your guests. You can use them for your wedding decor and at the end you cam gift them to your guests. They show the true beauty of Rajasthani culture with all those decorations on it. They will make really beautiful and memorable wedding return gifts.


3) Fresh organic honey

What could be better than fresh honey collected by the local people? Fresh honey is very healthy as it contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties. They heal wounds. Organic honey is an adequate source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It is good for your skin as well. It is a healthy and natural option for your wedding return gift. Make sure to give them in adorable jars.


4) Handcrafted mirrors

A beautiful mirror with decorative beads and coloured threads around it would look so classy in our bedrooms. These small mirrors will definitely increase the beauty of our bedrooms. Why not gift one to our guests? They will make really elegant return gifts and will be loved by all the guests. They are easy to make and to too awesome to give.


5) Flower matkas

You can go eco friendly with these earthen pots and these will surely bring a smile on your guest’s faces. This simple gift can be personalized with a small thank you message on it. Your guests can use it for decoration purpose and you can reflect the love for handmade products that you have. I think the flower matkas are an amazing option for a return gift.

6) Beautiful sindoor box

This beautifully handcrafted sindoor box is a decorative piece that every Indian woman would love to use. You can choose the material it is to be made with like gold, gold plated, silver, silver plated, all depending on your budget. It doesn’t matter what it is made of, these beautiful sindoor boxes would make a classy return gift and will surely bring a smile on the faces of every female guest present there.


A return gift is a token of love from your side for your guests thanking them for being a part of your big day. It doesn’t matter if the gift is small or big, all that matters is the feeling behind these gifts. Whatever you give, your guests are gonna love it and will cherish it.