Weddings are a big affair for the bride and the groom as well as the family. So to make it grand, exciting, and famous, people try out different things just for fun. These things become viral and then they become a trend. Sometimes these trends may be good but sometimes these trends are weird and don’t make sense at all.

But that is up to you which trend is feasible and which is weird. So, we bring to you some of the wedding trends that became viral over the years.

Flash Mobs

A few years ago, whenever we used to hear the word flashmob, the first thing that would come into the mind is some promotional activity or the opening ceremony of an event. But recently, flash mobs are not only limited to promotional activities. From proposing your beloved to sangeet performance everyone wants to be a part of the flash mob. Flash mob is a group dance, with more than at least fifteen people in the group. It has become a symbol of grand gesture and so over the years it has been a big part of wedding ceremonies be it pre, during, or post.


Lip Dubs

When applications like dubsmash and TikTok, formerly known as musically entered into the market, that is when the trend on lip dubs started. This trend was adopted very quickly by the wedding videographers to give something new and exciting to the clients. The people were fascinated by this lip dub and soon everyone wanted to incorporate this into their wedding. Videographers mostly preferred lip dubs for a pre-wedding video shoot. But it can also be used as a sangeet performance or just a snippet of the main wedding video. Lip dubs act as a fond memory of the entire family that came to celebrate the wedding day.


Wedding Vows Rap

Rap culture has been there in the music industry for a long time. But it has become a pop culture in recent times. After hearing rap songs, many couples started writing their wedding vows in the form of a rap song. This is one of the many unique ways where you can make your vow reciting ceremony more interesting and fun.


Long Veils

Veils and weddings associated with each other for a long time. Be it a Hindu wedding or Christian wedding, veils remain common. It is one of the main ornaments of bridal attire. The trend of long veils was crazily followed by people. This even includes Bollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who was wearing a long veil for her white wedding.


Sneakers and Lengha

As we all know, if a girl is wearing Lengha then it has to be paired with heels so that it looks more beautiful. But one day a bride decided to break this norm and wear sneakers underneath her wedding attire. And that is when this trend of wearing sneakers below the wedding dress began. Heels look gorgeous but they aren’t comfortable. Therefore, sneakers came to the rescue, became the comfort for the bride as well as a new wedding trend.


Over the top Photoshoots

The wedding photographs act as fond memories of the most precious day of your life. But recently to capture moments of love couples have started going overboard with photoshoots. Some couples have opted for an underwater photoshoot and some wanted to capture moments of love near an erupting volcano. This trend of going over the top to click photographs has been in the news for quite a time.


These are some of the viral wedding trends which have created a buzz on social media. The recent one amongst those was a dance performance of the bride in shorts and blouse of her wedding attire. This video became a sensation overnight and the bride became famous. 


There were some positive comments and some negative comments too. But as soon as the video became viral, it was converted into a trend by many other brides.