The world is drooling over white henna. Several white henna designs are available on the internet and now it is time to try them. Scroll to see 10 of the best white henna designs we’ve chosen for you.

What Is White Heena?

White Heena is definitely not Heena, because henna can never really be white. Some use a cosmetic adhesive used by makeup artists to add cosmetic attachments, some use a water-based gel or even a tattoo paint. It could also be all-white paint and paste mixed with glitter and applied to the body. Don’t forget: white henna is not colorless henna or bleach.


Ingredients In White Heena

White henna is therefore safe relative to ammonia and PPD or some other form of chemical, but this kind of body art also needs to be tested. Some companies have products that are waterproof and can last for 1–7 days. Usually, the look you want is obtained in two steps. The cosmetic paste layer is applied, followed by high-quality dust, safe glitter or mica powder. Experts are now trying to reduce the two stages to one. It is necessary to avoid the following things with white henna:

  • Chlorine bleach, skin bleach, hair bleach or some other chemical bleach.
  • Acrylic paint or tempera paint
  • Any other substance not recommended or approved for use by the skin authorities or experts.

1. Mandala Style White Henna

Mandala art in white henna design is pretty popular. In fact, the growing trend in Mehendi designs is that brides get a mandala made in the center of their hands, along with elegant designs on their fingers. Mandala styles may be simple white henna designs, but they look classy, not too elaborate and at the same time elegant and stunning in every possible way.


2. Lace White Henna

For the brides-to-be, the white henna hands are great for the engagement ceremony. A sleek style gives the hand a beautiful lacey-net glove feel.


3. Dream Cather White Henna

This style is for boho babes who wear free-spirited jewelry and are fond of unique motifs.


4. Bracelet Style White Henna

These are some of the best white henna designs that the brides-to-be can get on her hands. Because white henna is not very long-lasting, brides can still wear these delicate designs for any kind of function. Bracelet type white henna looks ornamental and can be a perfect replacement for hand jewelry.


5. Arabic White Henna

You can also get a minimalistic design from white henna. Many brides love to wear Arabic designs for their day as they are in trend. And if you also love Arabic designs, just go for it!



6. Bohemian Style White Henna

Boho chic is the right way to go. Boho babes who have accessories with loads of rings and silver jewelry can go for this design as it looks gorgeous with gypsy clothes and bohemian attire.



7. White Henna With Embellishments

White Henna is a style that we love when we see them on the brides. And honestly, what’s better than adding a few embellishments to these lively designs with things like tiny gemstones, glitter, etc. These embellished white patterns of henna will look like designer lace gloves.


8. Heart-Shaped White Henna Design

Express your love for your husband with this beautiful, white mehndi design and not with the boring flowers. This will literally melt your husband’s heart.


9. Traditional White Henna Design

This henna design which has a traditional appeal is suitable for ethnic occasions. You can pair it with boho flared pants.


10. Paisley Simple White Henna

Paisleys and flower patterns are very popular for henna art. The paisley designs are delicate and look wonderful on each side of the back of the hand.