From getting photographed in a lavish location like a 5-star hotel or the Neemrana fort to getting photographed in your own hometown or at the place where you met, we’ve seen every sort of pre-wedding shoot. Everyone wants their pre-wedding shoot to be different and extravagant. Every couple tries something new to experiment with.

There are times people wonder why there is a need to get a pre-wedding shoot done. Couples often get puzzled if they should be having one or not. They indeed increase your overall budget and you’ve to devote a full day but for that. But, isn’t this something you’ll cherish when you’ll be old!

Well, I am not sure about you but I have many reasons for getting a pre-wedding shoot done. I am listing them below.

  • Brings more confidence in front of the camera

Let’s face it! Not all of us can face the camera confidently. Plus, if you directly go in front of the camera during any ceremony, adjusting yourself for the camera gets very tedious. A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity where you can befriend the camera, get to know your right postures and even can get advised by the photographer about how to pose or smile. It will also make you and your partner comfortable around the camera. You’ll get an understanding of how to be in front of the camera during the ceremony. Also, on your wedding day, you’ll be at ease and that will be visible in your pictures as well.


  • A surprise for your guests

Your guests might not know your love story but through your pre-wedding shoot, you can depict that to them. You can get a slideshow created and play during the wedding, right before the rituals. Your guests will love. You can also get these printed in the form of a guest book. Through that, your guests can leave a remark about you and your partner.

  • Personalized invitations

You can plan out a pre-wedding shoot before getting your wedding invitations printed. Once the shoot is done, you can use the pictures for your wedding cards. This will also leave some room for you and your partner to breathe and you won’t be stressed out. This the best way in which you can personalize your invitation.

  • More pictures for your photo album

They say that your wedding album tells the story of your wedding day and all the rituals around it. Add the photos of the pre-wedding shoot to bring a spark in that story. They’ll be the perfect beginning for your story.

  • Direct your photographer

You might not get a chance to interact with the photographer during the rituals, so if you wish to tell him your favorite angles, you won’t be able to. A pre-wedding shoot will be you an opportunity to direct him and guide him about your postures. Using your pre-wedding shoot photos, the photographer can adjust the frame and angle on your wedding day accordingly. This will ensure that you’re getting the photos clicked as per your expectations.

In conclusion, the reason why you need a pre-wedding shoot is that it gives you an opportunity to make more memories. Isn’t that what every couple needs! Couples generally get very less amount of time before the wedding. A pre-wedding shoot will give you an opportunity to spend some more time. This will also give you time to understand each other in a better way.

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