About Us

Wedamor provides a comprehensive wedding platform for planning a modern Indian wedding wedding planning application aimed at the overgrowing and largely unorganised wedding planning market. It aims to create an ecosystem which helps the customers plan a wedding from the comfort of their drawing rooms. Through Wedamor(Android Platform) , Shaadi Baazar (E-Commerce Platform) & Knit The Knot (Online Wedding Magazine), we are trying to create a complete ecosystem for the to-be-weds to plan their wedding with minimal fuss.

Weddings in India are a multi-day affair planned with the help of family and friends. But with the shift in the family structures, higher disposable incomes, the need for customized weddings and not enough time available for planning, there is an increased need for professional help for planning the event.
There is clearly a need for a robust platform, which brings the professional expertise required to plan an event to the to-be-weds.

Wedding industry is at present undergoing a shift with people looking for more personalized wedding experiences which is not possible with the traditional wedding planning structures.

With the advent of technology and the newer generation being open to using it, we do expect a shift towards the online wedding planning soon. Wedamor aims to be the preferred application for online wedding planning and be ready in the market to reap the benefits of the shift which is very evident.


We take pride in our work and our team who have skills, enthusiasm, and will to give our customers every reason to smile on their special day by making their wedding as special as they have imagined. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our decisions and actions.


Our vision is to revolutionize the whole wedding planning industry with our unique ideas and make the wedding process a joy and a celebration, which it is supposed to be for all the stakeholders involved.

Our team is a mix of experience and youth, which helps us to be very nimble and at the same time have a long term vision. We have clarity of the kind of a product we want to build and experience to guide us to work tirelessly towards the vision, without losing focus.