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Why Young Couple Should Opt For Seychelles For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

  Seychelles is an island located near the equator. The island is situated between the eastern coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean. As the island is surrounded by the ocean, the temperature is always sunny and humid. There are forty-one inner islands and seventy-four outer islands. Seychelles is the smallest island capital of the […]

Why Nepal For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

Honeymoon is the period when you discover your partner. It is the quality time you need before starting the real journey of your marriage. Honeymoon is a phase where love and romance are new and you and your better half are discovering new things about each other. Therefore, it is very essential to visit someplace […]

Why Andaman and Nicobar Islands For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

Marriage is the sacred thread that binds two people into the bond of true love. The functions and the rituals that are the main part of the wedding which can be very tiring. Weddings are an absolute thing of celebration and enjoyment. Some weddings can go even for six to seven days. The celebration and […]

Unexplored Honeymoon Destinations in India – Wedamor Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a very important part of post-wedding life. Arranged or love, both types of marriages need this blissful break. In arranged marriages, it is the best way to get to know each other. For love marriages, it is the best time to unwind and understand the new life ahead. So here are some of […]

Top Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in the World – Wedamor

Your honeymoon is what you want it to be – an adventure, a romantic journey, a fantasy world or maybe even wilderness. Honeymooning isn’t just about a stay at a fancy hotel, some sightseeing and then back home. It’s about joint experiences that bring the best out of the both of you. How about having […]

Things No One Tells you about Honeymoon! – Wedamor

Honeymoon Period is extremely exciting and intimate. It is the first official trip of the couple as husband and wife. A lot of people would agree that it was the best time of their lives and it was extremely romantic. It may be true but consequently, as the saying goes, “There may be petals on […]

Popular Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Wed Couples of 2020 – Wedamor

Weddings are a combo of fun, happiness, and emotions. It is filled with the love of your partner, your parents, relatives, and all near and dear ones who gather to celebrate with you. Furthermore, it is the cheer and fun of being together with the blessings of elders. With everyone who becomes a part of […]

17 Places To Explore When You Visit Singapore For Honeymoon

Planning to visit Singapore for honeymoon? You couldn’t make a better choice. This island city is nothing pure magic, with a plethora of both natural and manmade delights. Whether you want to enjoy spectacular displays of water and lights, or enjoy the delight of 100 beaches, or wonder amazed at sci-fi architecture, it’s all there. […]

Most aesthetic places to visit for your honeymoon in 2018!

A honeymoon is a perfect way to kick-start one’s married life, away from the world known to them! But in a world full of beautiful places, the decision of a perfect honeymoon location becomes a little confusing. So here are our top picks to help you choose the perfect place for your honeymoon in 2018! […]

5 Incredibly Offbeat Romantic Vacation Spots in the US – Wedamor

Starting a new beginning of togetherness in your life? Looking for unique ideas to celebrate your beloved’s birthday or searching for secluded destinations for a romantic escape? America has myriads of destinations to solve all your romantic dilemmas. The United States of America is tremendously vast and you get ample possibilities for a dreamy getaway, […]

Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations From Around The World

After long and tiring functions of the wedding, the couple needs a different and exotic location to spend time with each other on their honeymoon. Going on a honeymoon to Paris, Italy, Maldives is old-fashioned and quite common now. Escape with your better half to snowy mountain tops, historical pathways, or just relax by having […]

A Week in Paradise at Komandoo Resort in Maldives – Wedamor

The Maldives is a heaven for newlyweds, due to their isolation from the rest of the world and the natural beauty that comes along with it. With multiple options to choose from, it often becomes a bit confusing when it comes to deciding the right destination to spend your most memorable holiday and celebration of […]

Hotels In Goa For Every Occasion – Wedamor

Goa has been a holiday destination since ages. Being an ideal spot for vacation, romance and family outing, Goa has been the most sought after wedding location in the last decade. For the people who want to tie the knot in the most scenic spot of our country, Goa is your destination. Here are some […]

Honeymoon Destinations To Start Your New Life! – Wedamor

Honeymoon is the first most romantic part you share as a couple, obviously after the wedding. It is extremely intimate and special for the couple. Having this time away, from your busy schedules and daily lives is extremely refreshing and much needed. Moreover, this time can be used to connect with your partner even more […]

Honeymoon Myths Debunked-Best tips for honeymoon – Wedamor

“Honeymoon” …enough to give goosebumps to you, if yours is an arranged marriage and if you still shy off before your partner. But believe me; Honeymoons are just a bit over-hyped. Here I will break to you a few honeymoon myths: (yes, am being gross) but in terms of likes and dislikes, habits and does […]

Honeymoon in Maldives: All You Need to Know About Maldivian Cuisine

Maldives takes pride in presenting to the world, an array of mouthwatering and irresistible dishes. Being a 99% sea area, it is but obvious that seafood is the most common part of a Maldivian delicacy. There are over one hundred islands leased to international resorts. The Maldivians enjoy a mixture of flavors from India and […]

6 Honeymoon Destinations in Asia For the Perfect Start to Your Marriage

An integral part of any great marriage planning is the choice of honeymoon destination. After all the fanfare and aplomb, the newlyweds need that personal space to be with each other. And, not just honeymoon destinations will do. The place should complement the vibe and expectation of two people who have just made one of […]

5 Most Exotic Honeymoon Destinations All Over The World

A honeymoon is the time when you can connect with each other and drown yourselves in blissful romance. The time you share becomes memorable in every way. Honeymoon is the time when the bride and the groom finally get some time to relax, time to spend with each other, time for themselves. After so many […]

Honeymoon Destination For A Mountain Loving Couple – Wedamor

The best period of a couple’s life is a honeymoon. This honeymoon period allows you to explore new things about your partner and build a bond that will stay strong amidst all the obstacles. Now, there are two types of couples, one who loves beaches and others who love the mountains. So here we bring […]

European Honeymoon Destinations Will Sparkle the Affair of Your Heart

A marriage is about two things, Memories of togetherness and a promise to never give up on each other. Therefore, in the light of benevolence let me introduce you to the two most stunning honeymoon destinations in Europe. As a matter of fact, these countries can give an ultimate kick start to the newlyweds interested in taking a pure […]

Checklist for Honeymoon -Your Honeymoon Preparations – Wedamor

Your checklist for honeymoon …..the thought giving you tickles? Well! So it should and an under or over preparation must not mess up your first vacation with your better half. Wedamor cares for your priceless love and that is why we bring to you a checklist for a honeymoon. Skim through it every now and then […]

Beyond the Honeymoon: The 2 Best Caribbean Destinations to Live in After Your Wedding – Wedamor

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now about to enter a new stage in your life filled with exciting new adventures. Your wedding marks the beginning of your life. What makes this milestone quite different from others is that it is something you don’t go through alone. After the ceremony, you not only become a part […]

Best Places to Visit for Honeymoon in India – Wedamor

A honeymoon is your opportunity to relax and chill alone together. Having some personal time away from your busy schedule day work and daily life interruptions will enable you to connect with your partner and enjoy each other’s presence. Spending some time together will set up a conducive situation for intimacy and romance. A honeymoon […]

Best Inexpensive honeymoon destinations abroad under 2 lakhs. –

Best Inexpensive honeymoon destinations So you are done with the wedding nuances, booked the caterers, called all the long lost relatives, bought your lehenga, and matching sandals. Well then now it’s time for honeymoon planning, and we at Wedamor, being helpful as ever, are here with some amazing, exquisite, beautiful, and cheap destinations. Here are […]