Honeymoon in Maldives: All You Need to Know About Maldivian Cuisine

Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives takes pride in presenting to the world, an array of mouthwatering and irresistible dishes. Being a 99% sea area, it is but obvious that seafood is the most common part of a Maldivian delicacy. There are over one hundred islands leased to international resorts. The Maldivians enjoy a mixture of flavors from India and Sri Lanka. Fruits and vegetables are available in abundance here, thus forming a major part of the island’s cuisine. Maldivian cuisine is essentially based on three ingredients and their derivatives namely, coconuts, fish and starches. Whether it is imported or obtained from the resources available on the island, one the most reputable tour operators in Maldives, Crown Tours Maldives suggests only the best thus making sure that there is absolutely no room left for complains during your honeymoon in Maldives when it comes to food.

Maldivian Cuisine For a Perfect Honeymoon in Maldives

Honeymoon in Maldives

Freshly caught seafood, which includes a variety of fishes like tuna, cuttlefish and prawns, combined with rich flavors drawn exclusively from the Indian and the Sri Lankan cuisine, makes sure you leave your plates licked thoroughly clean. The majestic king prawn char-grilled, together with marinated lobster and a bowl of steamed rice and vegetables is a true delight for any seafood lover. Besides, soft-processed tuna is also used to make light snacks like Mastoshi and Fatafolhi.

Honeymoon in Maldives

If you’re looking for something heavier, nothing beats a traditional Maldivian curry which is usually served with rice, roshi (unleavened bread) and paaparuMaldivian poppadoms.

After a full main course, to complete the meal, desserts like custard, bondibai (sugary sweet rice) or tropical fruits like papayas, mangoes, bananas and island-grown watermelons are served.

Apart from just the exotic food, Maldives offers its visitors with a wide range of sumptuous street food. Malé, which is the country’s capital, is the best place to go if you want to explore it. Obviously, most of them consist of the two main ingredients found on the island- fish and coconut. A walk through the markets of the capital is enough to help you get to know more about the kind of street food that is enjoyed in Maldives.

Do not miss the local favorites that include items like Bajiya, which is a pastry stuffed with fish, coconuts and onions, Kulhi Boakibaa or spicy fish cakes, Gulha which is another type of pastry filled with delicious smoked fish, Theluli Mas which is basically fried fish dressed with chilli and garlic and Kavaabu, which are deep-fried snacks made using rice, tuna, coconut, lentils and spices.

When it comes to imported food items, various countries show off their cuisines to the tourists in Maldives. The Japanese teppanyaki, traditional Chinese delights, Indian burst of flavours, fine Italian platter are a few among the lot. Even for a pure vegetarian, a lot of options are available- just as delicious. However, since eating and exploring new dishes is what makes travelling a whole lot more exciting, we recommend trying out the true flavours of the country.

Honeymoon in Maldives

Since the country is 100% Muslim, alcohol is not a common drink in public local islands but is, however, available at resorts. Keeping it more traditional, the residents prefer Sai or tea. Apart from these, Raa is a traditional drink that is acquired by tapping from palm trees. Otherwise, there is nothing more refreshing than cool coconut water at a beach in Maldives on a classic, sunny day.

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Honeymoon in Maldives

The ultimate destination for food lovers, the Maldives group of islands offers the perfect balance of traditional as well as international cuisines. Seclude yourself from the woes of the metropolitan lands as you give in to the divine taste of the innumerable flavors and spices that the islands have to offer to you and live through the most delightful of experiences during your honeymoon in Maldives, relishing the wide spectrum of flexible cuisines, designed specifically to be compatible with the efficient traditional Maldivian hospitality.



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