Most aesthetic places to visit for your honeymoon in 2018!

Honeymoon in 2018

A honeymoon is a perfect way to kick-start one’s married life, away from the world known to them! But in a world full of beautiful places, the decision of a perfect honeymoon location becomes a little confusing. So here are our top picks to help you choose the perfect place for your honeymoon in 2018!

Honeymoon in 2018

Best Places To Visit For Your Honeymoon in 2018

Not sure where to go for your honeymoon in 2018? Let us help you choose a place

1) Venice, Italy

A personal favorite of mine and a must visit place for any newlywed couple! Aptly known as the City of Bridges, the best Venice has to offer is its gondola rides. A gondola is a perfect way to go through the narrow canals and it lets you experience the true spirit of Venice. One can get lost in the narrow streets of Venice with the loved one, making way for a perfect evening. The best of Italian cuisine can be experienced here and the seafood is a must try! The St. Marks Square gives an all-around finish to the trip, where one can sit back and enjoy the melodious live music. 

Honeymoon in 2018

2. Paris, France

The City of Light is, without doubt, an incredible place to visit for honeymoon. This romantic city makes you fall in love with your spouse all over again. Confess your love in front of the famous Eiffel tower; visit the Temple of Love; take a trip back to childhood through Disneyland; shop around with your special one; sip a glass of wine by the banks of the River Seine. Paris is sure to give you the most memorable honeymoon, one to remember for a lifetime!

Honeymoon in India

3) The Maldives

A tropical nation situated in the Indian Ocean, with beaches untouched by humans is a perfect getaway if one wishes to have an intimate honeymoon. Whether it’s laying on the soft sands with your spouse or taking a dip in the deep blue waters, a memorable trip is assured! The Maldives gives a honeymoon experiences different from any other as one can get an exotic couple’s massage or indulge in an exciting water sport. Standing hand-in-hand on the glowing beach of the Vaadhoo Island is a moment every couple must experience in their marriage life! The Maldives doesn’t disappoint on the food front either. The unique star-lit experience coupled with barbecued fish is nothing less than heaven!

Honeymoon in 2018

4) Greece

Greece houses some of the best spots for a honeymoon in the world, namely Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini is an ideal destination for newlyweds, with its numerous romantic escapes. Charming architecture and alluring beaches are not the only things that make Santorini so special. Its magical sunsets, delicious wine, and picture-perfect villages will make way for a perfect trip and will leave any couple with lifelong memories. Mykonos, a place commonly visited by celebrities and commons alike, is not just about the lavish beach parties or the lively nightclubs, it’s about the gorgeous beaches, the delicious food, the warm culture and the welcoming locals. It’s the perfect combination of crowd and solitude. Greece, an underrated honeymoon destination, but probably one of the best there is.

Honeymoon in 2018

5) Istanbul, Turkey

An unheard destination but surely one of the most unique and fun places to visit with your loved one. Istanbul as a honeymoon destination is famous for its active nightlife, numerous shopping centers, and scenic beauties. A lengthy history of empires offers a rich and aesthetic experience in architecture, landscape, music, cuisine, and art. Istanbul blends the best of eastern and western culture and surely doesn’t disappoint anyone who pays a visit. Authentic Turkish baths, golden sunsets, traditional Turkish breakfasts are only a few things that one can expect from this rich-cultured city.

Honeymoon in 2018

A memorable honeymoon is one spent in the company of your loved one, in one of these beautiful places. A Gondola ride in Venice, a visit to the Eiffel tower, a soothing spa experience in the Maldives, a fun-filled night in Greece or a unique multi-cultural experience in Istanbul, whatever it may be, it is sure to make your honeymoon in 2018 an unforgettable one. Start off your married life with the perfect honeymoon.