Wedamor – Photography 5 Spellbound locations for ‘Pre-wedding Shoots ‘

From times when the couple wasn’t allowed to meet before their wedding to times of Foreign Pre-Wedding Shoots, we have come a long way! With changing times. our cultural norms are also undergoing amends gradually. Currently, no wedding is complete without Pre-Wedding Shoots. It’s no wrong to say these Shoots are the best addition to the wedding rituals! Pictures are an artistic way of capturing emotions and feelings. And what better occasion than a wedding to express your love for your significant other via Pre-Wedding Shoots?

Is it confusing for you to select the best locations from all the amazing choices out there? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you!


5 Spellbound Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots!

1. The Rail Museum
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If your partner is also a fan of history, then there’s nothing better than this location! The National Rail Museum, situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi is the most trending location for a theme-based shoot. With the mesmerizing background of the trains, experience the magic of history and showcase your love with those beautiful pictures! Because of its different than the usual theme, you would enjoy shoots and take home a gazillion fun memories. 


2. The Perfect Location

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As the name suggests, The perfect location has got all you need! Lavish and grand backdrops to suit your perfect love story, that’s what the location is best known for. From European style Exterior setups to sumptuous gardens, The Perfect location will take your shoots up a notch. Whether you’re thinking of a pre-wedding song shoot or just a romantic photoshoot, you don’t have to think twice because you’ve got the right answer for yourself! If you’re looking for exquisiteness, it’s the best location for you!


3. The French Colonies

Planning for a foreign trip just for a photoshoot? What if we told you could get the same French vibe you’ve been looking for, here in India? The French Colonies, situated in Pondicherry, is the answer you’re waiting for! Built-in 1954, these colonies are a sight to behold for the photographers, because it offers beauty in its raw form! So you wouldn’t want to miss exploring your love again through pictures set up in here! Pondicherry’s French Colonies are the most popular and famous picturesque in Southern India and its very apparent why. So, don’t think twice because you wouldn’t regret it ( take it from us )

4. ITC Grand Bharat

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If you’re a fan of world-class hospitality and luxury, ITC Grand Bharat is the right choice for you! Spread over 290 acres of land, ITC has defined luxury and grandeur very charmingly. Lavish green grasslands and beautiful pools would give a royal feel to those spellbound pictures! Years from now, when you would look back at the pictures set up in here again, those butterflies in the stomach would revisit you. Because of the royalty, the beauty that this location offers, you wouldn’t be able to trade it for anything!

5. The Roseate

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Experience the balanced combination of brilliant architectural design and luxury, at the most beautiful hospitality provider – The Roseate. It’s one of the most preferred locations for an exquisite and romantic photoshoot, as it offers the best of craft and beauty together! Not only is it aesthetically appealing but also a beautiful structure to play with the lenses because it delivers architectural heritage at it’s best! And who wouldn’t want grandeur in their most precious set of memories?