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When you’re planning your wedding, deciding the wedding theme becomes an important factor. A wedding theme should be more than mere looks or trends. It reflects the true personality of the couple. Hence, whatever you decide should be effective enough to pull every wedding element, including every tiny detail, effortlessly.

In order to decide on a wedding theme, you always need to take some time out to envision your wedding day. You need to imagine how it will look like, how your guests will feel walking in and the kind of impression you wish to put forward. To make things easier for you, we are listing here some wedding themes to choose from:

1) Classic

Everyone wants their wedding to be ‘classic’, so why not keep the theme accordingly! If you’re a couple with a refined sense of style, this is the foolproof choice for you. If you’re going to have your wedding in a banquet hall, this the right option for you. The benefit of this theme is that it is easy to modify. The only disadvantage is that your wedding might look similar to any other wedding. In order to fix that, you can add personal details to the wedding.

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2) Rustic

This theme will be suitable for you if you wish to have a traditional atmosphere. Also, as people are turning eco-friendly, this one will turn out to be a perfect choice. In this theme, you can also add DIY crafts. You make confetti from the fallen leaves or you can provide seeds to your guests and ask them to plant them at a designated place where you can put up a board stating “Sow one and watch love grow”. If you’re planning to have your wedding in a garden, this is the right theme for you. It is a very versatile theme as it can be adapted to different settings. The only disadvantage is that the old folks might find it quite a casual setting.

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3) Beach

This is the theme for you if you’re planning a wedding on the beach. It will be the most unforgettable destination wedding. These weddings have a casual atmosphere, so you’ll have to make sure that your guest list is small. You can opt for mats instead of seating. The benefit of this theme is that it actually allows your guests to unwind and enjoy the party. The only disadvantage will be the fact that not every guest will be able to travel to a beach.

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4) Tropical

If you’re planning the wedding in the southern part of the country, this is the right theme for you. This is most suitable for couples having a fun personality as this theme is full of colors and energy. If your venue will have a pool, it will add a cherry to the cake. You can also have three different colored dustbins for waste disposal. The benefit of this theme is that it will bring a lot of colors in your wedding photographs. But you’ll need to be sure while choosing the color palette.

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5) Modern Minimalist

If you believe that less is more, this is the exact theme for you. If you’re planning a minimalist wedding then any place can be your venue, even your own home. The most creative venue will be a place having a good architecture or a rooftop. The benefit of this theme is that your wedding will stand out with its simplicity as compared to other glamourous weddings. It will be light on your pocket as well, for this won’t require much decoration cost. Instead of putting flowers, you can get scented candles.

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Your wedding day should be special for you. Thus, the theme you choose should match your personality and shouldn’t become an unwanted burden for you. You need to acknowledge every detail if you’re going for a theme wedding. So plan your wedding wisely!

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