Most Beautiful Bridal Nath Designs For An Indian Bride.

A bridal nath always steals all the attention when a bride wears it. This beautiful jewellery has been a part of Indian tradition since ages and is a go to accessory for every bride. It makes her look complete. It makes a bride look like a bride. Nath should be the most elegant one among all your jewelleries because it is the first thing a person notices on a brides’s face.

Beautiful bridal nath..

So here are a few latest bridal nath ideas for all the brides out there.

1) Beautiful beads

Beads look beautiful on every girl. Be it blue, green, yellow or purple, beads make you look elegant any time. These beautiful Nath with beads engraved are really beautiful and is now a trend that everyone is sporting. It is vibrant and adds style to anything you wear. As you walk down the aisle, go for a beautiful nath with beads that will complete your contemporary bridal look.

2) Stone studded

These stone studded nath can make you look like a princess on your wedding day. They can be according to your choice, that is heavy or light. Both of them can rock your look and will make sure you doll up like a diva on your big day. They are traditional and have been ruling the fashion world since ages.

3) Precious pearls

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. It is the most beautiful thing you will ever come across. Pearls are something that the world drools over. The pearl embedded nath can make you look like a queen on your big day. It defines elegance and your elegance will define your personality. Pearls are something that can never go out of fashion. I repeat, never. So, go for a beautiful pearl nath and live your dream look.

4) Nath with multi chains

These multi chain nath will definitely take your “traditionally stylish” game one level up. These subtle and exuberating nath can make you look like a royal on your wedding day. Here, we are discussing about the ethnic nath with the dangling chains that will definitely make sure you look completely traditional while your style sense becomes the center of attraction all around.

5) Flowers and lots of flowers!

Every women in the world is obsessed with flowers. And for the sake of that obsession, we also have the floral nath for all bride to be out there. It is a perfect jewel for all the next gen brides. These floral nath look amazingly beautiful and you will look twice as beautiful when you will don on this irresistible piece of jewellery.

6) Go the Golden way..

Gold is the most attractive element out there. It makes a bride look like a bride. Gold is the most ethnic and traditional attire a bride puts on. Golden bridal nath can leave everything behind. Be it a light one or a heavy one, gold nath will make sure you look like a Golden Goddess on you D day. Never think twice when it comes to gold because Indian people’s obsession with gold is something that the whole world is aware of.


Bridal nath is surely an integral part of the solah shringaar and completes the wedding look of a bride.