7 Best Wedding Venues In Bangalore For a Perfect Royal Wedding

best wedding venues in Bangalore

A wedding occasion brings happiness, hope, and joyfulness to everyone. A beautiful wedding venue is what is needed to add grandeur and glory to the marriage. Everybody needs a ‘happy place’ which oozes off the wedding vibes and brings the festive spirit to the wedding. Choosing a beautiful venue is the number one priority to start planning for the wedding. What would be a better place than Bangalore for the wedding? The glitz, glamour and the magnificent city offers both the historical and modernized options for one to choose.

Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore For a Memorable Wedding

Here are some of the best wedding venues in Bangalore to help you choose one for your wedding and have a celebration out of it!

Leela Palace Bangalore

best wedding venues in Bangalore

The majestic Leela Palace has all that it needs to make your dream wedding come true! With the exquisite hallways and the intricate and monumental setting of the wedding, The Grand Ballroom can accommodate around 650 guests. With the right setting and decorations, it will live up to your expectations and make your wedding a memorable one. Leela Palace Bangalore will not fail to make you feel like a king and queen!

The Tamarind Tree

best wedding venues in Bangalore

One of the best wedding venues in Bangalore for outdoor, The Tamarind Tree is where nature adorns and imparts a beautiful lining to the place. Amidst five acres of trees, it is one of the most popular traditional outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore, where the hustle of the city is lost and one can enter into their own world of matrimony. Cobbled stones and craved, huge doorways greet people all around the place. It has a pleasant pond in the middle. It would be a cool option to start your wedding and your wedding life from a place surrounded by the natural beauty.

Jayamahal Palace

best wedding venues in Bangalore

Want to have a royal garden wedding? Jayamahal Palace is the right place for you! This is one of the standing examples of the finest architecture. Adorned with beautifully kept lawns, it has the capacity to hold around 3000 guests. With the greenery surrounding the place and regal decorations embellishing the venue, it has the capability to bring the fusion between nature, royalty and historical beauty to your wedding.

ITC Gardenia

best wedding venues in Bangalore

ITC Gardenia is like a fresh gust of nature in a modern setting. The perfect balance between the grandeur and the modernization without letting go of the natural beauty, ITC Gardenia lives up to its brand name. To have a royal wedding, ITC Gardenia is a better choice among the best wedding venues in Bangalore.

Temple Tree Leisure

best wedding venues in Bangalore

A real down to earth place which never fails to exude the richness – Temple Tree Leisure is a perfect combination of hugeness and natural serenity. With sprawling lawns and beautiful water bodies, Temple Tree Leisure is within the Bangalore city limits and offers the most serene wedding you would have.

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Elements Celebrate

best wedding venues in Bangalore

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in the middle of the water? This one would feel like it is right out of a movie! Surrounded by water on all four sides, the Mandapa is in the middle. It would make the couples feel like they are the only ones at the place, in the most beautiful of the lands! A perfect wedding to feel the love!

Gayathri Vihar

best wedding venues in Bangalore

Gayathri Vihar has one of the biggest halls in the whole of Bangalore. With lawns to host outdoor ceremonies, it is a vast area to have a stupendous wedding and have a memorable celebration of your wedding with your loved ones.

Have a gorgeous wedding of your lifetime and make it unique and memorable!

Comment your favorite choice out of these wedding venues!



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