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A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration hosted by the bridesmaids or the maid of honor. Also the main gist is getting gifts for the bride-to-be. It’s a fun tradition (made even more fun by chic bridal shower games, activities and lots of gossip) most common in the United States and Canada but now it’s slowly spreading its roots in India. And why not? Indians love the hubbubs of weddings and a tradition like this one will bring about a wave.

From a wine tasting bridal shower to a chic garden shower to even a backyard barbeque shower you can arrange anything for your girl. You can play around with the venue as much and host a fun shower for your girlfriend. Now, it’s not all necessary to have games at a bridal shower but since there’s going to be a pretty mixed crowd and different age-groups. Games are just the most convenient way to get them involved and have a good time over a pitcher of margaritas and gossips.

Read on to know some of the most fun Bridal shower games you can enjoy together:

1) The ‘guess the age’ challenge



All you need are a few pictures of both the bride and groom at different ages stuck up on a bulletin board. Provide the guests with a pen and paper and have them write their best guess as to how old they were in each picture. Whoever guesses the most correct answers simply wins!

2) Bridal shower Bingo!


Bridal shower games


For this special bingo, Pen down random and fun facts about the bride and the groom, make up bingo boards for the guests, and name paddles of the bride and groom. Here’s the drill: The maid of honor will read the facts out loud in front of the guests and they have to raise a name paddle about who they think the specific fact is about. If correct, they cross off the number (For a fancy touch, you can replace pens with putting glitter hearts or candy) that corresponds with the fact and whoever gets four in a row gets bingo!

3) Movie buzz!


Bridal shower games

For the romantic movie fanatics in the room (which let’s just agree, we all are), this is a fun game to get the attendees all into the gaming atmosphere.

Print out different romantic movie quotes and one by one feature them somewhere the crowd can see. Hand out a buzzer or a bell to each guest and whoever buzzes first and gives the correct answer wins that round. Whoever wins the most rounds, wins!

4) Dumb Charades Wedding Edition



We all know the drill here. Write movies names on cards and divide the crowd into two parties. You know where this is going right? Players then act out movie titles to their team members within three minutes.

Some movie suggestions:

1) My big fat Greek wedding

2) Monster-in-law

3) 27 dresses

4) Bride Wars

5) Something adorbs!


Bridal shower games

A little fun activity that you can include is having the guests fill a favorite memory card with the bride. Have the bride read them all and guess who wrote the memory. Everyone will truly enjoy hearing the stories.

6) Fold and pass



A fun activity to do while the bride is opening her gifts: Start with the starter sentence of a poem on a piece of paper. Each guest has to look at the last line and add another, then fold it so the next person can see just the last sentence. You get the gist, right? At the end, you’d be surprised to see the twists and turns while reading it aloud.

7) Date night!


Bridal shower games


Another fun one in the bridal shower games and activities coming right up: All you need are some wooden blocks and a cute jar. Have the guests write down their ideas for a fun date night on the wooden blocks and put them all in a cute jar. Give this sweet gesture to the even sweeter couple at the end of the shower. So whenever they need an idea for a date, they can randomly choose something out of the jar. 


So these were a few games purposed to make that bridal shower a little more engaging for all age groups. You can experiment and be as creative with these bridal shower games as much as you’d like. It’s recommended that you don’t take everything on yourself; try to get a helping hand from other bridesmaids for a better and less time-consuming outcome. Which one’s your fav, though? I’m guessing Dumb charades since we’re all still little kids inside, aren’t we?











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