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If you’re getting ready for a cocktail party, it is highly important that you look good in your photos. Your dress not only has to be chic and elegant but also has to stand out of the crowd. Eventually, turning all eyes towards you.

Above all, when it comes to the cocktail attire, there have been many myths like one’s dress shouldn’t be too revealing or to keep appropriate hemlines.

Today, we are here not to discuss the rules of the cocktail attire but to take a tour of the brands that can give you some outstanding dresses to choose from. Here are 7 brands that you can choose from for your next cocktail party:

1) Samant Chauhan

In their own words, their mission is to bring to customers high-quality services and best products. Apart from being chic, their dresses are quite exquisite. Buy something that isn’t just worn once. In addition to this, I feel that their dresses can be worn at any formal function like a cocktail party and you can pair it up with some funky jewelry for a girls’ night out.

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2) Taneiya Khanuja

Taneiya Khanuja launched her label in 2009 and over the years, her unique style and design have caught the eye of many Bollywood celebrities. Apart from having elegant dresses, Taneiya has a unique sense of styling trousers. If you ever wish to try a different look by wearing sleek trousers to a cocktail party, I would suggest that you try checking out Taneiya’s collection. They say that polished trousers are just as effective as a dressy dress.

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3) Anamika Khanna

Well, who doesn’t want to wear an Anamika Khanna! Anamika Khanna, best known for her reverence in the industry, brings India’s rich craft encapsulated in the global contours through her collection.

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4) Hrdoyh

Hrdoyh is an e-boutique, inspired by handmade technique, wearability, and rich history. Their brand is a clear representation of Assamese heritage and its nonchalant simplicity. They have been promoting Assam’s silk heritage and wish to preserve it and reinterpret it in a contemporary way. A bonus point for their dresses is that you can pair them along with a clutch or a mini bag.

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5) Amrich Designs

Amrich designs are a label that promises three things- the elegance of simplicity, the beauty of hand-made and indulgence of comfort. They believe in the beauty of handmade. I have personally tried their dresses. I have found a specialty of their dresses that regardless of the color and material, their dresses don’t get wrinkled easily. That according to me is a big add on if you’re putting up alone.

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6) Nikita Mhaisalkar

Nikita Mhaisalkar started her label in the year 2005 and in their own words; they’re deeply rooted in the Indian spirit which is effortlessly modern. The best part about her dresses is that they can be easily paired with a standout accessory. For instance, if you’re planning to wear a Nikit Mhaisalkar dress, your best bet will be wearing one chunky necklace and the dress will do its magic.

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7) Zara Umrigar

Zara Umrigar has launched stand-alone stores across India and her designed have been adorned by many coveted celebrities. Her dresses have a classic silhouette with bold and intricate hand embroidery. Well, they say that there is such a thing called being too formal. If you’re planning to wear a floor-sweeping gown for the cocktail party, you should definitely go for a Zara Umrigar gown, for it will give you the most glamorous look in the party.

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In conclusion, here are certain labels to choose from if you’re planning to buy an elegant, chic yet glamorous dress for a pre-wedding cocktail party. Also, whichever dress you buy, pair it up with heels irrespective of it being stilettos, block heels or kitten heels. When it comes to a formal event, a little extra lift is helpful.